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Captain’s Log: Feb. 22, Curaçao

Aboard Zuiderdam

Yesterday we were in Curaçao again, this time we docked outside the channel at the Megapier, which was built to accommodate more ships in Curaçao while keeping the channel to the “Schottegat” open.

The “Schottegat” is the internal lagoon area of Curaçao that harbors a lot of shipping facilities. If the Zuiderdam would have been docked in the channel (like last cruise) then all other shipping in and out of the harbor would have been stopped.

Below is a nice shot of the colorful houses along the entrance channel that make Curaçao famous.


While elsewhere in the tropical world white is the color of choice for houses because of its heat reflecting properties, in Curaçao, by law, white is prohibited. In 1817, then Governor Albert Kikkert, issued this decree because he claimed the white reflection was causing him migraine headaches.

Conveniently he was also apparently a stockholder in a paint factory.

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