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Captain’s Log: Feb. 11, Curaçao


Need I say more ?

Today we went inside the entrance channel in Curaçao and docked at the Matthey Werf. The little Zuiderdams are an approximation of the normal approach. Yes, we do aim directly at the land on the right side. At the last moment we make a slight adjustment to port and slide into the channel.

The checklist is what is going on in my head during the approach.

By the way, we don’t start braking until somewhere between the fourth and the fifth little Zuiderdam in order to avoid hitting the bridge that is out of the picture. We stop from 8 knots to zero in less than one ship length!

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  • SIS

    Pretty nifty, Captain !

    My apologies for a ‘tardy’ comment to your log entry, but WHO did you send up to take these ‘pitchurs’?? What a way to inform your readers what goes through the mind of the Captain, éh? Pictures usually do the trick of more than a 1,000 words 🙂 Many thanks, Captain for a free lesson . . .

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