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Captain’s Log: Dry-Dock Around the Ship

The Digital Workshop was first installed on the Oosterdam during the 2008 Alaska season. This turned out to be very popular and therefore we are converting the “old” library on Deck 3 into the new Digital Workshop. This new Digital Workshop will have more room and therefore more stations for people to participate in the classes. Here you can learn how to edit pictures, create blogs, make your own Web pages etc.

The new Digital Workshop area.

The Ocean Bar area on the Oosterdam was hidden behind panels from a walkway. The corner is being converted so it is more open and easier to find.

The Ocean Bar.

Drydock is the ideal time to change carpets on board.

Here you see them working in the dining room on Deck 3.

The Canaletto Restaurant was first introduced on the new Eurodam. It turned into a great success. We are happy that on the Oosterdam we will also get a Canaletto. The starboard side forward area of the Lido Restaurant will be the Canaletto Restaurant during dinner time.

The new Canaletto Restaurant area on board.

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  • shipcafe

    Everything looks great so far! Can’t wait to see her when she returns to Seattle.

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