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Captain’s Log: Dec. 22, Grand Turk

What a wonderful morning we have had. We docked on time at 7 a.m., on a beautiful sunny day and of course, we had to, we had the kindergarten children and their teachers coming!

Volunteers from all departments were in abundance, all wearing ‘Santa’ hats and they met the children at the entrance to the pier, escorting them in a ‘crocodile’ to the gangway.

Crew Purser Melissa (right with Santa hat) escorts the children on board.

Their eyes were as big as saucers as they looked up at the towering ‘E’ above them and then they were on the gangway and inside.

Elevators, most of them had never been in one, mouths open in amazement as they ascended to the Canaletto section of our Lido restaurant, where mini-burgers, pizza, hot dogs and ice cream awaited them.

It may have been 9:30 in the morning, but that didn’t stop them eating as if it were their last meal! Helium-filled balloons decorated their tables and their excitement grew as they overcame their initial nervousness and became familiar with all our ‘helpers’.

Guests stopped by to watch and enjoy, many of them remarking how wonderful it was and how much they enjoyed the excitement of the children, very true, it was infectious.

Captain Mercer and Internet Manager Jelena Stefanovic enjoyed spending the morning with the kids.

Next, the Northern Lights dance club, where they had 15 minutes of ‘Rockin’ and Rollin’ to the music before they were escorted to the Show Lounge. Here they were treated to Yakov, one of our acts, who did animal impersonations and some tricks. And then, our wonderful cast gave them a performance of some of their repertoire.

Yakov entertaining the children.

The production cast performed a few whimsical numbers for the kids.

Suddenly, Santa appeared, what a surprise! With mouths agape, the children were invited to the front of the stage where Santa’s helpers dispensed presents galore. The balloons were forgotten in the rush to unwrap (and we now have the task of removing them from the high deckhead, no matter, all in a day’s work).

The children left, loaded with their ‘goodies’, all of them happy and laughing.

Hope de Vries, wife of chief engineer Frank, says goodbye to the children and she helps them with their new goodies.

What a great end to a wonderful morning.

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Mercer.

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