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Captain’s Log: Catch of the Day

This was the catch of the day yesterday in Ketchikan. This little Halibut weighed in at 99 pounds and was brought in by my wife Sherron on a 25-pound salmon line. Today we are eating fish.

Best Regards,
Captain Werner Timmers
Master ms Zuiderdam

In Ketchikan, Alaska.

  • vincent

    Is she really taller than you….wow nice catch congrats!


  • Sharon

    Wow! I am suprised that the line didn’t break. The fish is bigger than your wife. Sounds like you will be eating fish for quite a few days.

  • Jenn van Mackelenbergh

    Way to go Sherron!

  • Calgon & SunFlower Star

    Wow Sherron, that’s a lot of halibut. I suppose the Captain’s Table ate very well last night! Congrats!

  • Vada Gaiche

    Congratulations Sherron! You go girl!! ;D

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