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Captain’s Log: Among the Yachts of Monaco

On September 25, 2009, the Oosterdam made its final call of the season in Monte Carlo, Monaco. September 25 was also the day before last of the International Boat Show, featuring yachts of all sizes, in and outside of the harbor.


To accommodate all those yachts, many of the regular yachts had been moved outside at anchor. Therefore, the arrival of the Oosterdam was spectacular, between all those priceless floating luxury palaces.


After moving a few yachts out of the way, the Oosterdam was safely berthed alongside the “New Jetty” and all guests were able to walk ashore.

I was very proud to hear from the authorities, with a sense of humor, that the Oosterdam was the largest yacht inside the harbor that day!

In the late evening shortly after departure we saluted the Windsurf, which was also at anchor outside the harbor.

Captain Arjen C. van der Loo is master of ms Oosterdam.

  • peterndevries

    Too bad I missed out on this sight …; I was there on Thursday!
    I’ve seen the interior on a few 50 mtrs. that day.
    I was part of the interior-team when the great “dam” (4?) line was built in Italy 1997, and happy to be guest on the Rotterdam last July.
    Coming to a refit I heard, the ship is so well maintained and fine to be on.
    Believe me, a “dam” is indeed a big yacht!

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