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Captain’s Log — Sailaway from Quebec

Captain Jonathan Mercer

The Eurodam departed Quebec slightly late yesterday. However, this did not affect our arrival time at Saguenay because we had a slow steam to the port. Several combined factors were the reason for delay. First and foremost, there were late-arriving guests from Quebec Airport whose flight had been delayed and I opted to wait for them — rather than have them experience the long and arduous trip to Saguenay or, heaven forbid, Cornerbrook.

Also, shipping movements within the port and the need for use of a tug which was “otherwise engaged” on another vessel delayed our departure. The combination of wind on the starboard beam, gusting 20 knots, and a flood tide that was running at 2.5 knots meant that without tug assistance, the Eurodam wasn’t going anywhere. Both wind and current were literally “pinning” us to the pier.

From left: 1st Officer Daniel Wardle, Captain Mercer and Chief Officer Bas van Dreumel on the port bridge wing waiting for the delayed guests to arrive.

The 5,500-hp ‘Z’ drive tug assisted by pulling on the starboard bow.

A view from the starboard bridge wing looking upriver. There are two of the cross-river passenger ferries in the foreground and a ‘Laker’ inward bound for the Welland Canal. The Great Lakes are in the far background.

The view from the port bridge wing, showing the gangway and walkway arrangement. The Canadian Coast Guard cutter Tracy is in the background and the famous Hotel Fontenac is on the hill.

Photos courtesy of Captain Mercer.

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