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Captain Timmers Shares His 5 Favorite Holland America Line Ships

In a recent article in World of Cruising, Captain Timmers — the first master of our new Rotterdam — shared how different Holland America Line ships have sentimental value for very different reasons. Much like our guests who often cruise on a particular ships, Captain Timmers has his favorites in our fleet. Read on to see which ships are special to him and why.

“ss Rotterdam is where I met my wife, and that beautiful ship was ahead of her time.”

Zaandam was my first full captain’s contract. The ship maneuvers like no other and this was my first taste of team-building.”

“Ryndam had one of the best teams. It was an older ship and could be a handful to maneuver, but the size was such that you could sail pretty much everywhere.”

Koningsdam was my last ship. It was a step above anything I’ve sailed to date. It has all of the amenities a guest could wish for and also a great ship for the crew. Technically, the ship is up to the latest improvements and super economical, maneuvers nicely, and the team is fantastic to work with.”


“My next favorite ship, I know, will be Rotterdam where all of the little things that needed tweaking on Koningsdam will have been done.”

Is your favorite one of his? Tell us in the comments.

  • Ann McCarthy

    Zaandam, Ryndam and Koningsdam are/were three of our favourites, too! We are looking forward to sailing with you on the new Rotterdam. Whenever that happens….

  • Marjorie Gordon

    As you say, guests, too, have their favourites, and while I have sailed on all four of these ships, and have fond memories of them all, I have to say that my favourite of these is the Koningsdam.
    That said, my all-time favourite ship is, and likely always will be, the gone-but-never-to-be-forgotten RotterdamVI!
    I know that the new Rotterdam will be impressive, and I sincerely wish that she will have the same special “spirit” as her two predecessors!
    I know that Captain Timmers will lead an excellent team.

  • Peter and Sylvia Huijgen

    Zaandam trip to Hawaï and Koningsdag several cruises.

  • Lisa

    Looking forward to the New Rotterdam..Congrats Capt Timmers! When will the sea trails start for Rotterdam?

  • Dick Korevaar

    zoals kapiteins een favoriet schip hebben zijn er ook passagiers die een favoriete kapitein hebben. ik heb met diverse holland amerika schepen gevaren en met diverse kapiteins. er was er een die toch onze favoriet is geworden door vriendelijkheid, kunde en toch gemoedelijk naar de passagiers, dat is kapitein WERNER TIMMERS

  • G H Borremans

    The SS Rotterdam, Ms Rotterdam, Ms Prinsendam, Ms Amsterdam, and Ms. Volendam were my favorite ships..

  • Martha Hedgepeth

    I was wondering if you could share information as to what amenities and/or stores,spas,beauty shops, facilities for clothes cleaning etc are aboard the Zaandam for use on a long cruise. As a caregiver, I am expecting to enjoy my first cruise soon aboard same and need to have all the information possible for myself and my companion. Any other helpful information about the ship Zaandam would be appreciated.

  • Julie

    Hi Martha, Zaandam has shops on board with clothing and other items, a full-service spa and hair/nail salon. Dry cleaning and laundry services also are available. Please call reservations if you have more questions, and we’d be happy to assist.

  • Ray Rodriguez

    My favorite of all times is the Rydam (now sailing for another company as the “Vasco de Gama”). We sailed from San Diego to Tampa through the Panama Canal the fall of 2010. Small enough to feel like family, great food and interesting shore excursions. Got my second mariner star in that trip. Will miss it.

  • David Barnes

    Looking for information about HAL resuming cruising. Especially from the West Coast. We are scheduled to leave San Diego in January to Hawaii, and hoping this is still the plan and the focus of HAL.

    Has teh line resumed cruising both on Florida and on the West Coast as of October?

  • Julie

    Hi David, Koningsdam is in San Diego this week and sets sail on Sunday! We are back to cruising on the West Coast, and come November we will be back in Florida as well.

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