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Around the World with Captain Mercer: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jan. 19, 2012, Rio de Janeiro

Early morning and arrival Rio de Janeiro. After making a cup of coffee in the pantry near my cabin, I walk to the Bridge. The first item I noted was that it was so humid that window wipers were going! The condensation on the glass, caused by the cool (air-conditioned) bridge glass and the humidity outside has this effect. The second item I noticed was that ahead of us, at approximately 5 miles, was a fog bank. Fog? In the tropics? Unheard of and yet it was there, lurking, beckoning us into its wraith-like clutches.

One of my concerns was that the photo opportunity that guests were eagerly anticipating as we sail into this beautiful natural harbour was going to be somewhat, how do I put it … Foggy? Thankfully, the fog lifted as we neared the pilot station and Christo Redentor emerged from the mist, towering over us. Ships everywhere … a large drill-ship, under tow, passing down our port side, the harbour is a bustle of vessels of every size and shape.

We pass Copacabana beach and turn towards the terminal, the Chief Officer is handling the ship as we dock, on time, at #2 berth. Ahead of us is an MSC vessel and the Seabourn Quest is due in later in the day.

More HESS today, a drill is order of the day, (morning at least), and the entire crew are involved. The auditors than move on to other items and they are around and about the “Amsterdam” all day.

An ‘American BBQ’ on the Lido deck this evening, the weather is perfect for such an event, warm and not too much wind and as I write, I notice the “Quest” out of my window, so a quick dash up the stairs to get a shot of her as she approaches her berth. This is a 2-day call, overnight and tomorrow as well, so the guests and our crew are in for a treat.

Captain Jonathan

Captain Mercer is at the helm of Amsterdam’s 112-day Grand World Voyage.

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