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Recharge in Secluded Luxury at The Retreat on Your Next Cruise

As many cruisers know, Holland America Line combines personalized service and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with innovative and engaging onboard amenities. One of the amenities that best shows Holland America Line’s unique ambiance is “The Retreat.”

Currently on Eurodam, Koningsdam, Nieuw Amsterdam, Noordam, Oosterdam, Westerdam and Zuiderdam, The Retreat is an outdoor area that is perfect for guests looking for a quieter, more luxurious place to rejuvenate during their cruise. To make sure those at this prime location can enjoy the wonderful views and take in the relaxing atmosphere, The Retreat includes private cabanas, lounge chairs, sun beds and exclusive bar service. The cabanas are perfect for guests who love to be outside but seeking a secluded sanctuary where they can be pampered by a dedicated staff. Some of the cabanas overlook the sea; others overlook the pool deck — but they all provide unique views of the surroundings.


An aerial shot of Koningsdam’s Retreat area.

Imagine watching the glaciers of Alaska pass by, seeing the lakes and locks of the Panama Canal up close or simply enjoying the sunshine of the Caribbean in a private area where you know your cabana and deck chairs will be waiting.

Along with the luxurious amenities, a simple lunch is served at The Retreat each day, which can be enjoyed with a mixed drink from the exclusive bar for Retreat guests.

The Retreat on Eurodam.

The corner cabana at the The Retreat on Eurodam has stunning sea views.

The Retreat on Westerdam.

The Retreat on Westerdam.

Service at the Retreat

We’re ready to serve you at The Retreat!

Ready to experience The Retreat? Add Retreat reservations, which include a cabana, to your next cruise by calling ship services or through your preferred travel professional prior to your cruise. Relax, recharge and reach total rejuvenation at The Retreat today!

  • Rodney Blalock

    Hi Julie, is there an elevator on Zuiderdam that that rises to the the retreat section.

  • Julie

    Yes, there is!

  • Linda G.

    Hello Julie,

    Can you direct me to the web page where I can reserve a cabana for my upcoming cruise on the Zuiderdam?

  • Julie

    Hi Linda, you need to call ship services to reserve: 800–541–1576

  • Lori

    Hi Julie, Is there (good) wifi access in the Retreat area? Looks like a great place to relax and get a little work done if needed.



  • Lori

    Hi Julie, one other question – I see in the pictures that there are regular lounge beds that aren’t in cabanas. Is there a fee for those also, or first-come first-served? Also, do you have a link or copy of the food and beverage menu or someone I could contact regarding those services?


  • Julie

    Hi Lori, those loungers are reserved for those in the Cabana area only, first come, first served. We do not have info to a menu, but you can call ship services and they can assist: 800–541–1576

  • Julie

    Hi Lori, there is Wifi throughout the ship. Depending on the ship’s location in the world will affect on the quality of Wifi, but it should be pretty good!

  • Deanna Eubank

    Just returned from a week on the Oosterdam. The Retreat was a game changer! Great service, lunch served, beverages, fabulous experience!

  • Andreas

    Hi Julie,
    is there limited access to the Retreat? Only for some cabin types? We have booked a Neptun Suite and would like to spend some time at the Retreat. Is it also open for teens (daughter, 14 years old) if they want to enjoy this area also 🙂 Is there a lift to the Retreat also on the Westerdam?

  • Debbie

    I am trying to figure out if you have to pay for those lounge beds in the Retreat area (not in the cabanas). our room is on the Observation Deck to the right of the Retreat area. Thanks

  • Julie

    Hi Debbie, yes, the loungers in The Retreat are for guests in the cabanas only.

  • Julie

    Hi Andreas, The Retreat is only for the use of those guests who rent a cabana. Your daughter is welcome to use the area if you reserve a Family Cabana, as the regular cabanas are for two guests only. There are elevators that reach The Retreat. Enjoy your cruise!

  • David Walker (Elite member)

    What is the 2019 daily charge (or complete cruise charge say 12 days) for a cabana for 2 people. We have used them some years ago on Nieuw Amsterdam and they can be a game changer.

  • Julie

    Hi David, the daily charge is $55 for a port day, $85 for a sea day. For the entire 12 days, it’s $599. They are pretty amazing!

  • Joy

    What hours can you use the retreat cabanas?

  • Julie

    From 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

  • Liz Attwood

    Hi, do you get many people using the Retreat Cabanas for Alaska. We are sailing July 2020 on the Eurodam to Alaska and have reserved a family retreat cabana. I’m hoping it won’t be too cool to be out there. But I’d be outside to view the glaciers, etc. anyway, so thought we might as well have a nice space to do it.

  • Julie

    Yes, they are very popular on our Alaska cruises! Enjoy!



  • Julie

    Please call ship services: 800–541–1576

  • Donna

    Are the drinks included with the cabanas

  • Julie

    Water is included and a glass of sparkling wine in the later afternoon. Along with breakfast and lunch, ice cream, chocolate-dipped strawberries and frozen grapes.

  • Jill Shields

    Wondering if the prices are per cabana or per person?

  • Julie

    Per cabana. Regular cabanas are for two people, family are for four.

  • Robert

    Are there cabanas on the Lido deck near the pool?

  • Julie

    Hi Robert, on Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam there are cabanas by the Lido!

  • Leigh

    We are a family of 5, but seldom are all 5 of us together (2 adults, 3 kids). How particular are you regarding the family cabanas being for 4 persons?

  • Amy

    Is there a map of the cabanas with the numbers on for when I call to reserve one?
    We utilized ate past cruise and know which ones we prefer.

  • Zeke

    Have used the retreat on the Westerdam and Eurodam… cannot think of a better amenity to offer! Great staff and service on both occasions…

  • Julie

    We do not have one but perhaps ship services an share one with you.

  • Scott

    My wife and I have a 18 month old. Can we rent the cabana for 2 or do we have to get the family cabana?

  • Patti


    Is the basketball court on the Koningsdam enclosed by a net so the balls don’t go overboard?


  • Julie

    You are good to rent a regular cabana.

  • Julie

    Hi Patti, there are very very high glass walls around the court.

  • Ben Younce

    Can three use a regular cabana?
    My Daughter, son in law will cruise Zuiderdam with me in March.
    Called to book and the family cabanas were already booked, there are only 2.
    I booked a regular for the entire cruise.

  • Sharon

    Just read retreat hours are 9-5. Is this correct? Watching sunrise and sunsets are not possible in cabanas/retreat?

  • Julie

    Hi Ben, three adults will need a family cabana.

  • Julie

    Hi Sharon, the hours are 9-5, that is correct. There are many lovely spaces on deck to watch the sunrise and sunset.

  • Machelle

    I was told today that children are now allowed in the cabanas on the Oosterdam. Is this correct? 6yr and 8yr Mariners with Holland.

  • David

    These are like a hidden secret. Opened the deck plan today – thinking I might find an area with cabanas – It’s been a few years since a HAL cruise. I don’t see these listed on any of the obvious areas for checked in guests – not that I’m complaining – happy to find an opening available – I’m going to surprise my wife with this once on board. Regarding the sunset question and 5pm close – must you leave your cabana – or is that simply when service stops.

  • Julie

    Hi Machelle, please advise if a Holland America Line employee informed you of this. We can confirm that children ARE allowed in the Cabana area. As long as they are within your capacity. If you have a cabana for 4, then it can be two kids, two adults (or 4 adults). You just can’t have 4 adults PLUS kids.

  • Julie

    Hi David, service does stop at 5 pm. There’s no black-and-white answer on whether or not you can stay. If there isn’t an evening function in that area and the staff are agreeable, they will let you hang out without service. You just need to ask to see if they are ok with it.

  • Julie

    They are for four people, but it can be any four in your group.

  • Joyce

    Booked on 7 day cruise (Zuiderdam) over New Year’s. Can’t find weekly rate for Retreat cabanas anywhere. Can you direct me? Also, can you reserve on the website someplace or only by calling?

  • Marilyn

    how much would it be for a cabana for two for a 10-day cruise through the Panama canal(March 2020)? Also, if anyone has used these cabanas on a Panama canal cruise, would you advise to reserve the whole week for Cabana use or just at sea days? I just know I do want to use it when we are going through the canal. I think it would be fabulous viewing point.

  • Julie

    Hi Joyce, you can book by calling Ship Services: 800-541-1576. It’s a popular time so I recommend calling sooner rather than later. The rate for a seven-day cruise on Zuiderdam is $399 for the week for the cabana for two. A family cabana for four is $549.

  • Julie

    Hi Marilyn, the cost of the cabana for a 10-day cruise is $499. If you would like to reserve only for sea days, we can’t guarantee availability because they might be booked for the entire voyage. Please call ship services: 800-541-1576.

  • Amy

    Besides the family ones, are there popular cabanas? Specifically a number on the Konsingdam?

  • Roshell

    Hi. Can you please tell me if the Lido Cabanas on Eurodam are the same price as the Retreat Cabanas? Also what would be the cost of a Lido Cabana for a 20 day cruise? Thank you.

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