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Prinsendam’s International Gala

Last night we hosted a theme event called “The International Gala Dinner” with flowers from Madeira, Portugal, in front of the La Fontaine Dining room. Crew and guests blended in with the theme with different attire from many counties including the United States, India, the Middle East, Indonesia, China, Spain, Japan and many more. We hung many International flags around the dining room area.

Guests enjoyed the event and lots of photos were taken. It was another wonderful theme during our Grand Mediterranean and Black Sea Voyage this year. Stay tuned for more photos from our themed events on board the elegant explorer, the Prinsendam. Enjoy!

Rahmat, Aron, Purwoko, Komang & Hakim

Rahmat, Aron, Purwoko, myself and Hakim.

The dining room staff.

The dining room staff.

the flowers of Madeira

The flowers of Madeira.

Hakim by the flowers

Hakim by the flowers.

In the kitchen.

In the kitchen.

Chef Colin with dining room staff.

Chef Colin with dining room staff.

International flags

International flags.

Komang, Aron and Hakim with Ms. Karen.

Komang, Aron and Hakim with Ms. Karen.

Purwoko, Tintin, Doddy & Gusti

Purwoko, Tintin, Doddy and Gusti.

the beverage staff

The beverage staff.

Komang Sumartha is Prinsendam’s dining room manager.

  • sanyoto

    Pak Komang, kalo nggak salh Madeira itu di Portugal, deh bukan di Spanyol.

  • Phyllis & Robert Poda

    We think some congratulations are in order. Komang was assistant manager on past World Voyages we were on and remember him with fondness. He now seems to be manager on the Prisendam, one of our favorite ships. Congratulations and Best Wishes, Komang! We hope to see you aboard one of our future cruises sometime soon.

    Phyllis and Robert Poda

  • Maureen & Dennis

    We recently completed the South America Grand Voyage, nice to see in the La Fontaine our dining stewards Widy and Imanuel fom the Lido. Great job!

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