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Photos from Westerdam’s Halloween Festivities

Special thanks to Westerdam’s Culinary Operations Manager Rico Wessels for this post.

The Westerdam just completed a very successful 35-day South Pacific voyage. Throughout the cruise we held several themed events to match the various ports of calls visited. We ended the cruise with a Halloween themed event. Guests participated in choosing the best pumpkin carving made by crew from each department on board. We then followed that with a Halloween themed dinner in the dining room. The day was successfully ended by our showstopper event the “Trick or Treat Halloween Desert Extravaganza” on decks 1, 2 and 3 in the Atrium. We had live bands on each deck for entertainment as guests tasted all of the Halloween themed cakes and desserts. This was a fun event to end the voyage.

Rico Wessels
Culinary Operations Manager
ms Westerdam

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  • M. Sills

    We were on the Westerdam – when the picture was taken – it was during a 35 days cruise to Hawaii & Tahitii = the passion and devotion creating this Halloween treat was just great – the whole cruise was an amazing adventure – Holland – you have the greatest people in the world – they are the ones that made the cruise – thank you so very much – friends always to Holland America – Mrs Marie Sills

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