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Old Nieuw Amsterdam Art Endures

Hans Janssen sent us this nostalgic photo. Can you match the figure with the season?

Dear HAL friends,

This is a picture I made on board the ms Amsterdam of the sculpture “The Four Seasons” that was originally placed on the ss Nieuw Amsterdam II (1938).

Kind regards,

Hans Janssen


  • DutchByAssociation

    Hi all you HAL Blog folks –

    Not to start any rumors, but do you know if there is any talk of perhaps bringing this gorgeous piece of art back to the Nieuw Amsterdam once she is near completion and maybe putting something of similar size on the Amsterdam on this stairway right by the Crow’s Nest?

    The images I have seen that show this piece on the Nieuw Amsterdam (2 incarnations ago) that we all loved so much are so impressive…

    Just curious if you know if there is talk to bring this one “home” or not.


  • Maasdam

    This sculpture was placed in the first class main foyer stairwell of the TSS NIEUW AMSTERDAM of 1938. And during the troopship years 1940/1946 the sculpture was protected by a wood frame. After the war is was cleaned complete with a new layer of gold. Did you know that the original 1938 ceiling of the Grand Lounge, is in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam. An copy of the mid part of this ceiling is hanging in the Ambassador Lounge on board the MS ROTTERDAM.

    Greetings from the home port Rotterdam,

  • Hans

    Hi Roland,

    Why is the picture that small ? Did you receive it in that size ??

    Shall I send you a larger format ?

    Pls let me know.

    Kind regards,

  • Roland


    I screwed up the photo when I posted it. Now it’s fixed. Sorry about that, chief!


  • Hans

    Hi Friend,

    I’m now a entirely satisfied person.

    All the best,

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