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Nieuw Amsterdam’s Murals Coming Along

These are the pictures of Harald Vlugt working on the big murals in the Explorer’s Lounge on Deck 2.

Mary Moore is a blog contributor based at the yard.

  • DBA

    It looks absolutely incredible! Harald has done an amazing job!

  • Ben

    This is really great. With what sort of material used in this great piece of art. It looks like Harald is using pictures?

    Greetings fom the home port Rotterdam, Ben.

  • TBD

    Absolutely beautiful cityscapes, but wondering why it’s spelled New Amsterdam on the mural and not Nieuw?

  • marymoore

    The original name of the Dutch settlement was New Amsterdam. Nieuw Amsterdam
    is the dutch translation for it. I recommend you to read the fascinating story in Wikipedia.

  • TBD

    Sorry, I just thought it would have gone with the vessel name instead.

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