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New Chocolate Surprise is the Ultimate Decadent Dessert Parade

Holland America Line is reinventing the traditional dessert buffet by introducing a Chocolate Surprise parade on the last gala evening of every cruise. Rather than guests having to make their way to the buffet and wait in line for a sweet treat, Chocolate Surprise brings bite-sized confections to guests in the main public areas as they enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

After dinner, waiters parade through the Promenade decks with trays of chocolate desserts, passing them out to guests in the bars and lounges as they take in music or enjoy a cocktail. The nearly hour-long parade is the newest addition to Holland America Line’s growing list of culinary innovations that put an unconventional twist on a traditional event.

chocolate surprise

“Guests love our culinary events, particularly those featuring chocolate, and we wanted to create something special that enhances their evening activities,” said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. “It’s all about making the most of our exceptional service, and the Chocolate Surprise delights guests in a most delicious and memorable way.”

The Chocolate Surprise menu includes rich, creamy and chocolaty bite-sized desserts that will delight even the sweetest tooth. As servers with silver trays pass by, guests can choose from chocolate cones with lemon curd, bittersweet chocolate and butter cream; double chocolate cupcakes; dark chocolate hazelnut pops; milk chocolate raspberry tarts; chocolate macaroons with Grand Marnier; chocolate-dipped marshmallows and caramel puffed rice treats with chocolate sauce.

chocolate surprise

Chocolate Surprise takes place on all ships fleetwide now and is in addition to even more tempting selections on the dessert menu in the restaurants.

  • Patricia B

    This is GREAT! Bite-sized treats and not a static location, both excellent ideas. Sounds very gracious, impressive and special.

  • Lin Leivian

    Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy dessert!

  • Joan Hopke

    How about vanilla for those of us who don’t like chocolate desserts?

  • Jean Davidson

    We just experienced this chocolate parade of goodies and it was fantastic. We would just like to know about the chocolate drink in the tiny glasses. It was soooo delicious. How do you make it? We were on ms Koningsdam.

  • Julie

    It’s chocolate milk! However, it’s made with real chocolate melted down, not a syrup. Delicious!

  • Jean Davidson

    Thanks Julie. I must try to make it. I know it won’t be the same, you know atmosphere and all. But I will try. It was fantastic.

  • Julie

    They also said they heated the milk, poured it over the chocolate and then once combined let it chill. I’m sure you can create your own Chocolate Parade at home 😉 Have fun!

  • Mimi

    What time was the chocolate parade? We have the 8pm fixed dinner seating and will be going to the 10pm show directly after dinner. Will we miss the chocolate parade? I heard it is only an hour and if you are not in the public areas, you will miss it.

  • Julie

    Mimi, it is at 9:45. It’s usually less than an hour because the treats are so popular!

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