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Kudos for the Island Magic Steel Band

My wife and I were on the last cruise of the Zuiderdam for the Caribbean season from April 8 to April 19. We had the opportunity to attend both concerts of the Island Magic Steel Band. It has been many years since I enjoyed a presentation such as theirs. They are just a phenomenal band with excellent stage presence. I also had the opportunity to talk with them in the Lido restaurant and found them to be very friendly and personable as well. Since photos or videos cannot be taken during the performance, the only one I have is before the performance during the band setup and not all the band members are present. A fine presentation. I am now enjoying their CD at home as well. — Bill and Betsy LeGars


Dave, the cruise director, did an excellent job the entire cruise. Very personable and great sense of humor. I agree with him in his statement that the passengers are more entertainment that anyone. A few of the people in the various bars and lounges proved that.

Experiences such as the Island Magic Steel Band are part of Holland America Line’s new On Location program. The itinerary sets the theme for guests to indulge in localized experiences that make time on board as enriching as visiting the ports of call through lectures, demonstrations and performances.

  • GeorgAnna Madsen

    We have also enjoyed the Island Magic Steel Band when were on the Zuiderdam in 2009. My husband, my two sisters and I were on the 11 day Sunfare (if I remember right) and the group was outstanding. We were able to attend a meet and greet performance and enjoyed question/answer session. My one Sister has since passed away but I think this was a highlight for her on that trip. She bought 2 CD’s and I bought another one so we could share. We also met them on the street at one of our ports and they were just as friendly. “Thank You – Thank You Very Much”

    Happy Sailing

  • Walter Skinner

    My wife and I were also on that 4/8-19 Panama Canal Cruise, and were equally awed by Island Magic.
    In Trinidad, we saw some drums which certainly seemed to have made by banging actual steel drums into tune. Island Magic’s instruments are of a very different and special breed altogether. Like Bill and Betsy, we chatted with them in the Lido. We had a wonderful visit with them, especially reminiscing over the road marches we heard during Carnival in Port of Spain.

  • L. Frazer

    Just returned from the Caribbean on the Nieuw Amsterdam , the highlight of the trip was the island Magic Steel band. TheyRe so passionate about their instruments and yet so humble. They seemed truly thrilled of the audience reactions you would have thought it was their first performance. Hearing the classics played on the pans is amazing! Hope they are on my next trip.

  • Bonnie Strange

    Just returned from Caribbean on Nieuw Amsterdam. Next cruise will be booked according to Island Magic schedule. They were “THE GREATEST”. They can feel their music in their SOULS, and so can their audience. Cold chills run up your spine. We bought CD’s, and I downloaded their albums from I tunes. I now listen to them on my Bose speakers and visualize their expressions and mannerisms. We were on second row during their performances and our staterooms were nearby. Talked with them several times, and they are simply amazing individuals. Hopefully I will see them on TV in the US.

  • Kaitlan Roberts

    I just got back from spring break on the Niew Amsterdam. Island Magic was BY FAR the BEST entertainment that I have seen on the few cruises I have been on. I am currently in music courses and I am going to tell my professor about them and tell him that he needs to talk about the steel pans more. The members were just amazing as well as their music.

  • Kim

    Just returned from a March break cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Island Magic was magical! My husband and I were blown away by their performance of the classical music on the first concert and very much enjoyed the second more casual concert as well. It really moved the audience to see how passionate the band was with their music. We bought both CD’s and can’t wait to see them again.

  • osmond

    i was on the Nieuw Amsterdam
    and enjoy every day Listening to the steel Drum Player
    Ashton Craig . He is just amazing. one of the best i have heard play the
    steel drum. it was the best part of my cruise. i even bought his CD
    i hope to check around to see what ship he will be on 2017 so i can book my cruise .

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