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HAL Mariner Shares Collection of Memorabilia

Being a collector of Holland America Line memorabilia, I decided to share my collection with anyone who wants to collect like I do. To that purpose I have created three websites with my collection of tiles, commemorative wine bottles and playing cards. I am working on adding sites for commemorative teaspoons, luggage labels and the Mariner program awards.

Tiemen Spits
Oceanside, CA

This series depicts the different classes of ships currently deployed with the Holland America Line. The images on the tiles are after paintings by Captain Stephen Card.

To view Tiemen’s complete collection of tiles, click HERE.

Since the early 1900s, Holland America Line has issued playing cards on board for the entertainment of their passengers. The earliest playing cards were specifically targeted to first class passengers and consist mainly of beautifully decorated single deck cards in special hard card board boxes.

To view Tiemen’s complete collection of playing cards, click HERE.

Since the early 1900s, Holland America Line has made specially designed wine bottles that are available to her customers. In some cases the passenger was given the item, sometimes it was made available for purchase.

To view Tiemen’s complete collection of commemorative wine bottles, click HERE.

  • wendy

    IMPRESSIVE is all I have to say!!!!

  • dirk meertens

    G/day…I am an australian 71yrs but born in holland and mirgated to Aus in 1950 on a liner named the
    Johan Van Olderbarnaveld…..i am a bit of a collector of dutch cruise ship memorabilia and inparticular
    spoons…ie easily posted etc……..I have stumbled across your or this site and it occured to me to
    leave a reply and you might be able to steer me in the directions of site where such spoons are
    offered for sale……..any advice would be appreciated…….regards……Dirk M

  • John Steenge

    I have an “compact” (in Dutch “poederdoosje) that I cannot find anything about anywhere.
    I know my father worked for the Holland America Line and as I remember also for the Oranje Lijn.
    The compact came from the SS Prints Maurits. Am sure it the number 2.
    Does anybody know anything about them having those on board or as souvenir ?
    Serious reply can get an picture emailed if needed
    Thank you

  • peter

    between 1979-2006 i was working for HAL long time and i have lot of souvenirs for sale.

  • wendy

    Hi there.
    I am a professor and a writer. I am working on a story partly set on the Rotterdam 4 in 1923. My characters are traveling second class. Any idea what access to water passengers had for drinking? Would there have been a pitcher provided for drinking water for each stateroom? What would it have been made from, or what would it have looked like?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


  • Patricia Moser

    I have many memorabilia — from as far back as the 30’s — email me.

  • Eleanor Kalfin-Royte

    I have 6 commemorative plates from Holland America World tours in the 1980’s & ’90’s.
    My mom travShe died in 2011 & I cannot just throw away her ship’s plates, including one from the old Rotterdam.
    What can I do to sell them?
    Thanks in advance for the courtesy of your reply.

  • Julie

    Eleanor, I’m seeing what kind of advice I can give you. I’ll be back in touch.

  • Jan Oege Zijlstra

    As an amateur living in the Netherlands i collect the beautiful plates of Holland America Line. If you want to sell your plate for a reasonable price, please send me an email. Thank you very much.

    Jan Oege Zijlstra

  • Arnie

    I have, what I would describe as a sugar spoon, with a circular wreath of sorts that contains the following information within: HOLLAND AMERIKA LIJN ROTTERDAM with a center flag bearing NASM.

    Information would be fun, and if you would be interested in buying the spoon, I would sell it to you for what you would consider a reasonable offer.

  • Brunings

    I would like to sell a collection of Holland America line membrobilia

  • Julie

    Hello, we don’t currently purchase items. Perhaps the archives in Holland would be interested.

  • Jim Hawley

    Dear Mr. Spits: Re: Mariner tile collection:
    I am installing new tile in my bathroom, on a horizontal surface and am thinking of two decorative strips of blue Delft Holland America tiles, 4 x 4 inch square. I need sixty tiles. I already have a few tiles from trips I have taken on HA
    Rotterdam-New York with woman looking out to sea
    Rotterdam-Amsterdam (2ea)
    Zuiderdam, Oosterdam, Westerdam, Noordam

    I am looking for a mix of this genre. Ok to double up, since the decorative strips are 91 inches long, and 30 inches long. Please contact me if you’re interested in selling some tiles.

  • Peter Frangenheim

    I am the grandson of Henk CLAYTON who worked as a naval architect for HAL. In 1906 he was presented a 55 piece solid silver cuttlery set ( 12 large/ small spoons and forks plus 7 large serving utensils. All contained in velvet lined wooden box with a silver plaque on the lid saying the cutlery was presented in 1906 to HC by directors of HAL. I live in Australia and want to sell this set as its deffinitely antique and maritime. I dont know where to start so asking if you can point me in the right direction. It has been valued at a very high amount. Each piece is inscribed with HC.
    Peter Frangenheim.

  • Julie

    Hi Peter, unfortunately we aren’t able to assist with pointing you where to go to sell your collectibles. Perhaps reach out to a maritime museum or the Rotterdam museum in Holland.

  • Ton Rijppaert

    Take a look at and you see the world largest collection of Holland America Line tiles, at this moment 400 tiles and 8 tile tableaus.

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