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Five Reasons to Take One of These Six Repositioning Cruises

For those not familiar with a “repositioning cruise,” it’s moving a ship from one sailing region to another, like moving from a season in Alaska to a season in Australia. The cruise that takes the ship from Alaska to Australia is a repositioning.

Repositioning cruises are the best kept secret of the cruise industry and also the most undervalued. We asked Facebook fans why they like repositionings, and the answers varied.

William Fraser: We have been on two repositioning cruises across the Atlantic and are very shortly going across the Pacific. Can’t wait for those long stretches at sea. Will the Pacific be that same wonderful blue as the Atlantic, what will it be like to see the South Seas islands that we’ve read about all our lives? Taking a long cruise fits exactly this quote from Glen Dixon on Facebook “Travelling forces you to be in the moment because there’s nowhere else to be.”

Repositioning cruises sail to a variety of exotic destinations like Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii and South America.

Repositioning cruises sail to a variety of exotic destinations like Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii and South America.

This fall following their Alaska seasons, Volendam and Oosterdam sail exotic repositioning cruises from Canada to Australia, while Zaandam moves from Canada to South America.

Volendam sails a 24-day South Pacific Crossing from Vancouver, British Columbia, or Los Angeles, Calif. (21 days), to Sydney, Australia, departing Sept. 24 and 27, respectively.

Oosterdam features a 25-day South Pacific Crossing from Vancouver or Seattle (24 days) to Sydney, departing Sept. 28 or 29, respectively.

Those looking to explore South America can sail from Vancouver or San Diego, Calif. (18 days), aboard Zaandam on a 22-day Inca Discovery cruise departing Oct. 5 or 9, respectively.

If you’re thinking about taking one of these adventures, there are endless benefits to embarking on a repositioning cruise with Holland America Line. Here are our top five reasons for taking one of these memorable journeys, mixed in with Facebook fans’ comments:

1. Great Value
Repositioning cruises offer per diem rates that are much lower than regular sailings, making them a great bargain and value! Fares start at just $91 per day and include accommodations, food, entertainment, enriching activities, hotel services and much more.

Susan Scott Jackson: We love repositioning cruises. Longer, with ports not visited as much. Did I mention longer? For us a cruise is not worth going on unless it is two weeks. You can feel at home on the ship and do more both on and off the ship. I would always recommend this type of cruise.

2. One International Flight
Prices for one-way flights are no longer as expensive as you probably remember. Not only do you save money with buying one ticket, but you also don’t need to endure two 10+ hour flights crossing over oceans and continents. Another added bonus is that you only have jet lag one way! Instead, Holland America Line’s repositioning cruises enable you to enjoy crossing time zones at a gradual and leisurely pace.

Karen Wagers Michalski: We took a repositioning cruise last year on the Westerdam as it was changing its itinerary from Alaska to the Caribbean. We caught the ship in San Diego and ended in Ft Lauderdale. We actually took the Collectors’ cruise that added on the first sailing in the Caribbean so we were on for three weeks. The pace was relaxed, and we had a wonderful time transiting the Panama Canal and stopping in Cartagena, Columbia. The cruise was a wonderful value.

Sail from Atlantic to Pacific (or vice versa) on a repositioning through the Panama Canal.

Sail from Atlantic to Pacific (or vice versa) on a repositioning through the Panama Canal.

3. Exotic Itineraries
Holland America Line’s repositioning cruises offer an abundant variety of ports of calls that you are unlikely to get with other sailings. Guests can enjoy stops at Vancouver and Hawaii as well as Fiji, Ile des Pins and Sydney – all in one trip! Or maybe you would prefer a little more Latin flavor by exploring 10 different port of calls all in one vacation, including the countries of Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru and Chile.

Michael Heemer: Five of our 12 cruises with HAL have been repositioning cruises. They’re a great value and you may get to see some ports that you normally wouldn’t visit.

4. Relax
Why is it that you always seem to need a vacation to recoup from your vacation? This is not the case with repositioning cruises. You have a great balance of amazing port of calls and onboard activities. The best part is that there are no hectic back-to-back calls! Take this time to slow down and enjoy everything that sailing with Holland America has to offer. Listen to music or read a good book in the Explorations Café, lounge on a steamer chair and watch the horizon, take time to slowly savor each meal and forget to set that alarm.

Kathy Stohrer: Two words: Panama Canal! Full transit, en route from Fort Lauderdale to San Diego. There were several engineers among the passengers who must have spent the day in Engineer Nirvana, and a lecturer to tell us what we would be seeing before we got there, and answer questions after we had been through. Plus a lot of fun ashore of course. I’d love to do it again once the new locks open. Zuiderdam barely fit.

There's so much to do onboard, and enough time to do it on a repositioning.

There’s so much to do onboard, and enough time to do it on a repositioning.

5. Enrichment Programming
Every day aboard a Holland America cruise ship brings a wealth of cruise activities and indulgences, along with the freedom to partake in as many — or as few — as you please. Whether you want to work out in the Fitness Center, learn yoga, pamper yourself with a massage and spa treatment, attend a lecture, learn about computers at a Digital Workshop powered by Windows, attend a cooking class at the Culinary Arts Center or take part in “Dancing with the Stars: At Sea,” there’s a perfect onboard activity for everyone.

Sallyanne Lewis: We started in Sydney and finished in Alaska and what is great about a repositioning cruise is that we have the sea days and take advantage of all the things to do on board the ship I LOVE IT!! Dancing, movies, shopping, eating, computer classes, swimming, more eating and just strolling around the ship, everything you need on board it is AWESOME!

Have you taken a repositioning cruise? What do you like most about these longer voyages?

  • Andrew

    we caught one respostioning curise to demark its was 2 night to Copenhagen that’s helped us to reach without paying flight fares at that time eurodam was new – so we enjoyed it we had free upgrade to balcony stateroom its was fun

  • Gwendiline Crabtree

    UK ex-pats living in Brisbane. Looking to visit UK with minimum Flying. Happy to fly to S.E. Asia. possible river cruise Danube to Amsterdam and return from Uk in Similar fashion either via S Africa or Panama. Looking for ideas. Can you help? Cheers! GMC.

  • Carl Kaiser

    When will repositioning details for October 2018 become available??

  • Irene McKinley

    Would like info of repositioning cruises for 2018. Interested in the

    South Pacific.

  • Lauren M.

    Hi Irene! Please contact our Reservations Department at 1–877–932–4259 and they will be happy to assist you!

  • Alexander Chionsini

    Would like info of repositioning cruises for 2018

  • Julie

    Hi Alexander, I have sent this to HAL reservations. However, I encourage you to call your travel agent or Holland America Line at 1–877–932–4259.

  • Terry Prat

    We are interested in reposition cruises. Thanks in advance

  • Terry Pratt

    We are interested in reposition cruises. Thanks in advance

  • Marlene

    Mu husband and I are interested in a repositioning cruise Nov 2018 from Rome to Ft Lauderdale

  • Julie

    Hi Marlene, we have passed this along to our reservations department. In the meantime, you can call your travel agent or call HAL at 1–877–932–4259.

  • John fisher

    Interested in repositioning in 2018

  • Julie

    Hi John, there are several repositioning cruises in 2018! Please contact your travel agent or Holland America Line directly for more info: 877–932–4259.

  • Robyn Seifart

    We are looking at a repositioning cruise from Amerstandm to Boston in July. I have a 13 and a 15 yr/girls. What is there for them to do? Can they do fitness, cooking classes, and spa? Is there a pool? the stops I believe are Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Nova Scotia. But what is the longest leg at sea? Thanks Robyn

  • Julie

    Hi Robyn, there is plenty for your girls to do! We do welcome more families in the summer, and ClubHAL will be in full swing. There is a teen program with mocktail parties, karaoke and trivia contests, jewelry making, video games, staff vs. teens volleyball tournaments, themed events and more. They can go to the fitness center, spa, pool … American’s Test Kitchen will perform cooking shows they can attend, and select cruises offer hands-on group classes that can be booked. There’s also a variety of dining options for every palate. Dive-In offers gourmet burgers and hot dogs, Lido Market has a variety of options, and of course the main dining room is amazing! There are also other alternative venues to enjoy. The pool is covered by a magrodome so it can be enjoyed all year (if you’re talking about Rotterdam’s cruise). If you’re looking at Boston to Rotterdam, there are a total of six sea days and the most consecutive is two.

  • Ellen Fujawa

    Do you have any cruises to and from Southampton or Dover on August 25 2019 or September 1! To or from NYC

  • Julie

    Hi Ellen, we do not have crossings to/from New York. We do have a Lisbon to Boston transatlantic departing Aug. 26:

  • Sylvia Koopman

    Would love to take a repositioning cruise some time in 2020… could you send me information so that I can decide . Would love one that involved embarkug or disembarking in San Diego or bothHave taken many trips on Holland America and have enjoyed them all

  • Ann

    I am interested in one of your repositioning cruises either Vancouver to Yokohama

    or Yokohama to Vancouver

    Can you please tell me what your dates are for 2020 and 2021

    Thank you.

  • Al Jacobs

    Would like info on repositioning cruises to in South Pacific for 2020

  • Brenda Badgett

    Just found out about repositioning cruises and would love to find out more about them as well as the schedule of them for 2022. We plan on cruising as much as we can beginning in 2022 and will only cruise HAL. You guys are the best we’ve ever been on. Thanks! Looking forward to our Alaska cruise in May.

  • Julie

    Hi Brenda, it all depends on what kind of repositioning cruise you are looking for. We have between Alaska and the Caribbean through the Panama Canal, from Europe to the States via the Atlantic Ocean… please call your travel advisor or Holland America Line reservations and they can explore all of the 2022 opportunities with you.

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