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  • Brian Gersten

    Thank you for displaying my images with my photo credit. I think they are dramatic and reflect the energy of the band. The band was one of the top highlights of my cruise.


  • Barbara Mintz

    Brian, These are GREAT pictures. I know you must have enjoyed this show. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. I am looking forward to my cruise on Holland Am. next year

  • Pam Yancy-Taylor

    Looking great!!!

  • Frodo Beutlin

    Who can tell me who is the guitarman in the blues Club???

  • Gerry Mccuthison

    You GUYS all are my Hero’s, you all are AMAZING to the Tenth Power.

  • Julie

    Hi Frodo, Apologies for the delay. There have been 3 guitarists with the BB King Blues band so far: Tony Gentry (Mar – Jul); Preston Shannon (Mar – Jul) and Gerry McCuthison (current). Julie, HAB Editor

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