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Dutch Maritime Artist Paints Nieuw Amsterdam


Lenie Simons-Molenwijk, a well-known Dutch maritime artist sent us this painting of her conception of not-yet-built Nieuw Amsterdam sailing into New York. Since we were not familiar with her work, we asked Lenie for some biographical background, and she sent this:

Lenie Simons-Molenwijk

Lenie Simons-Molenwijk

I am a female seepainter for almost 30 years. I started at 1975 until now, and I am specialized in marine paintings as well in oil and in aquarel [watercolor]. From 2000 I started with the ships of the Holland America Line, and most of the people like my style of painting.

At this moment I have a special exhibition in the National Reddingmuseum in Den Helder, with 14 other seepainters, only men, well known as the seepainters of the “Blauwe Wimpel,” a Dutch marine magazine.

I went to the academy for learning to paint on oil and making aquarels. When I moved to Rozenburg, a little village near Rotterdam at the
seaside, I was thrilled by the harbours and the water and there I found my inspiration to paint ships. My challenge is to paint the ships in places where they never have been or old ships for history.

Now these days I belong to the top of marine painters in Holland. The Dutch HALfansite has a series pictures from me on their site and if you go to, also a well-known Dutch site, you will find there all my paintings of the Holland Amerika Line. I like to paint not only passenger ships, but also tenders, fishing ships, harbours and so on, as you can see on my Web site.

I have a long list of exhibitions in galleries and I have shown my work in seven marine museums in Holland, like Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam,
Vissery Museum Vlaardingen, Vissery Museum Scheveningen, Katwijksmuseum Katwijk, Hillesluismuseum Rotterdam and now in Den Helder until 1 November 2009.

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  • wvdleek

    Lenie forgot to mention that for several years, I also have a page on my website dedicated to her work.

    You can find it on


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