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Donation to Local School in Parintins, Brazil

During our call to Parintins, Brazil, on March 4, Prinsendam under the direction of the Grand Voyage Hostess Annette Gonzalez had Father Benito, teachers and the children from Casa de Acholhida (a local art school) on-board.

Annette had arranged fund-raising activities during the Grand South America Voyage with guests and crew. The Prinsendam was successful in raising $6,500, which was then donated to the school for supplies and scholarships for students.

The teachers and children were treated to a specialty lunch hosted by the Culinary, Beverage and Dining Room teams. The children left with full bellies, great memories and lots of gifts from guests and crew. Father Benito presented Captain Tim Roberts with two paintings.

A2013Mar04_Parintins_76502 (Large)

12013Mar04_Parintins_76622 (Large)
42013Mar04_Parintins_79222 (Large)
B2013Mar04_Parintins_79292 (Large)

Darryl Jones is Prinsendam’s human resources manager.

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