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Digital Workshop: Windows 8 Includes a Free Antivirus Application

Special thanks to Nieuw Amsterdam’s Techspert Frank who posted this on Hal’s Digital Workshop blog.

Did you know that every copy of Windows 8 comes with a free antivirus application? The application is called “Windows Defender” and is quite similar to the “Security Essentials” program available for Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. This is what it looks like when you search it out;


How does this free application stack up with other more costly alternatives, when it comes to protecting your computer from virus and malware attacks?

One reviewer stated ‘defender provided more than acceptable protection for your computer when compared to….’ Many of our guests who have purchased new Windows 8 computer found that the store added on another Antivirus program at an additional cost. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you do currently have an other Anti Virus on you computer, when the subscription is up you can remove it by going to “control panel” and then activate Windows Defender by going HERE and follow the easy directions to activate.

Additional Security Features;

•ELAM or Early Launch Anti Malware, is a feature that prevents classic malware from activating in Windows 8. How? It simply boots around the potential threat bypassing the “start menu”. This also allows Windows 8 to start up in seven seconds or less.

•UEFI’s Secure Boot, a feature that combats low-level malware by avoiding activation by bypassing memory and start menus. Windows 8 goes directly to the Operating System. Again this also allows Windows 8 to load up really fast. But it also keeps you really secure.

I hope that you will use Windows 8 knowing that Microsoft has worked very hard to build in new and effective protection into this operating system.

To read the full post on their blog, click HERE.

Holland America Line is a proud partner of Microsoft on the Digital Workshop powered by Windows program.

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