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Digital Workshop: Caring for Your Touchscreen PC

Holland America Line has a wide array of enriching activities onboard, and among the most popular are the Digital Workshops powered by Windows. The popular complimentary workshops, led by Microsoft-trained “techsperts” on all 15 ships in the fleet, teach guests with varying levels of computer and camera experience how to take better vacation photos, make movies, edit pictures and create online scrapbooks.

Guests also learn how to share digital memories via email, keep a more secure PC at home, stay connected through instant messaging and webcams, find the best PC for their budget and lifestyle, and navigate new features of Windows 8. And if you can’t make it to the class, the techsperts blog about their lessons so anyone can learn more about their PC. Special thanks to Prinsendam’s techspert Erika who posted this on Hal’s Digital Workshop blog.


Greetings from the Elegant Explorer, the ms Prisendam! We are currently sailing the Baltic Sea on our way to Tallin, Estonia.

As many of you may know, Windows 8 has been designed to be used with touch, mouse and keyboard together. If you have made the move to a new Touch Screen PC you may have noticed that the screen becomes covered with fingerprints rather quickly.  Today I’d like to discuss how to clean and take care of your Touch Screen PC.

Firstly, and this may seem self-explanatory, but try to refrain from eating and drinking around your PC (this goes for non-touch screen PC’s as well). Almost every type of food and drink contains some sort of oil, sugar, or other sticky ingredient that can end up on your Touch Screen, inhibiting it’s proper functions. I’d suggest to keep the food in your kitchen and wash your hands with soap and water before using your PC.

When those inevitable fingerprints and grease marks show up on your Touch Screen it’s important to know how to safely remove them without damaging your PC.

– To avoid scratches, use a soft cloth. I like to recommend a Microfiber cloth or any lint-free cloth (using a paper product such as a paper towel or a tissue may scratch the screen).

– Keep the cloth in close perimeter to the PC and clean it regularly. Simply wipe the cloth across the screen until the fingerprints have disappeared.

– If you encounter more stubborn grease or spots, dampen the cloth SLIGHTLY with water. It should not take much moisture to remove a stubborn mark from the touch screen.  Do not apply the water directly to the screen.

– Refrain from using any chemicals such as Windex or other Glass Cleaners, as these may damage the screen.

If you follow these guidelines and clean your Touch Screen regularly you should enjoy many years of swiping, tapping, and sliding your way around your Windows 8 Apps!

Holland America Line is a proud partner of Microsoft on the Digital Workshop powered by Windows program.

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