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Cruise Diary: Visiting Buenos Aires and Montevideo

Carsten Korch, Chief Editor and Founder of Living in Peru, is currently sailing aboard Veendam’s 21-Day South America and Antarctica Holiday Voyage with his family. While aboard the ship he will chronicle his cruising experience for us on the blog. Enjoy!

December 24-25, 2012:

Buenos Aires was HOT – 37 degrees celsius, so we needed a car with good air condition to take us around the city to see among others the main plazas that includes La Boca, Recolette, Palermo, Puerto Madera and of course the shopping street La Florida. Our driver Anibal had a brand new and very comfortable car. He knew many people in Buenos Aires and he was also a great guide. He worked for more than 30 years as a taxi driver and had many stories to tell. In Buenos Aires we visited Plaza de Mayo where the Casa Rosada, where the Cathedral and other historical buildings are located. We drove around the city visiting the tourist highlights and later we headed to the modern part of the city, Puerto Madero, where five-star hotels and residential buildings face the harbour. We couldn’t miss La Boca and the club Boca Juniors, one of the most famous attractions in Argentina. Later we drove through a residential neighborhood called Recoleta where we visited the cemetery of the same name to visit Eva Peron’s grave. Finally we drove through Palermo which is also a very nice neighborhood with a part called Palermo Soho where you can find designer boutiques and a bohemian atmosphere. After six hours with him we returned to the ship and were ready to have a peaceful evening thinking of our families at home, who all celebrated Christmas on December 24. We called my parents, who just had finished up dinner and had exchanged their Christmas gift among themselves.

The following morning on December 25, we arrived at Montevideo, Uruguay, which was quite the opposite of Buenos Aires. It rained and felt almost cold when we arrived, as the temperature had dropped to below 18 degrees celsius. The city would have been completely empty if it had not been for the passengers of the two cruise ships that showed up that morning. The city had many old and interesting art deco buildings, which my wife Virginia, who is an architect enjoyed looking at. I’m sure Montevideo is a cozy city when it is not “sleeping.” We walked around taking a few photos and buying a couple of souvenirs for the kids who had decided to stay on board for ClubHAL activities that they both enjoy so much. Especially Anton, he wakes up every morning at 5 or 6 A.M., asking how long before the club opens, so no we don’t get to rest very much in the morning 😉

In the evening everyone dressed up for the formal Christmas dinner in the Rotterdam Dining Room. There we enjoyed a shrimp cocktail, clam chowder, the traditional Turkey and of course pumpkin pie for dessert. After dinner we went down to the Showroom where the kids had their photo taken with Santa Claus, who had flown in to share a special moment with the kids and to offer them a little gift of remembrance from this wonderful Christmas cruise. The Christmas mission was once again completed and it was time for Virginia and me to enjoy a glass of Champagne and prepare the family for a couple of days at sea.

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    Please keep making enteries. We are taking the next sailing.

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