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Celebrating 140 Years: Ode to a “dam” Piano Bar

In celebration of our 140th Anniversary this month, we’re dedicating a post a day to the wonderful destinations, attributes and people that make a Holland America Line cruise so special. Today’s post is about:

Our fabulous Pianist Michael Sara

Pianist Michael Sara.

Pianist Michael Sara.

By Eurodam Guests Carol and Randy (the President) Wright

We must go down to the sea again,
To the beautiful sea and the sky,
And all we ask is a “dam” ship
With a Piano Bar on high,
and the playing of a rock song
and the cocktails heard shaking,
And a Singer with a Las Vegas sound
that we know he is not faking.

We must go down to the sea again,
For the call of the Piano Bar is strong
It is a merry call and a clear call
That will not steer us wrong;
And all we ask is a Billy Joel song
with Michael Sara playing,
And the wine flowing and many a joke ,
And only a “key card” for paying.

We must go down to the sea again,
To the traveling gypsy life,
To the Piano Bar with Michael’s way
of playing the music with such skill;
And all we ask is a romantic song
from our singing fellow rover,
Followed by quiet sleep and a sweet dream
when the fun evening is over.

  • GeorgAnna Madsen

    Always enjoy listening to Michael, packed crowd, great gathering place.

  • Michelle Romig

    Had the pleasure of Sailing with Michael on the Zuiederdam and then again on the Eurodam. He is Amazing!! Carol and Randy (the President) were a lot of fun too. Thanks for the Ode to a “dam” piano bar.
    Looking forward to seeing Michael Again Sometime.

  • Carma Mitchell

    Where is Michael Sara now

  • Julie

    He’s no longer with Holland America Line.

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