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Become More Tech Savvy With an Onboard Digital Workshop Powered by Windows

Are you technically challenged? Does your computer intimidate you? If you want to learn how to edit, display and share your vacation videos and photographs, Holland America Line offers classes through our Digital Workshop powered by Windows. Available on all ships, these complimentary classes are led by trained Digital Workshop Hosts. And not to worry, we provide the computer so you don’t have to travel with yours if you don’t want to! However, if you have a Windows device of your own you are most welcome to bring it.

Days at sea are the perfect time to explore new skills, from video-editing techniques to mastering the art of digital photography. Learn how to capture, enhance and organize images of your favorite travel memories. Depending on your interests, you may want to attend all of the workshops or just a few. Each one is offered multiple times and days throughout the cruise.

Digital Workshop Powered by Windows.

A trained Digital Workshop Host leads each class.

Classes cover a variety of topics and include Make movies with Windows 10, Store and share with OneDriver, Edit your photos like a pro, Get creative with Windows Photo Gallery, Use Windows 10 Mail and Calendar, Keep your photos organized, Learn to navigate Windows and Manage your email with

An additional Q&A session is available every day. Q&A Time is held so you can speak to your Digital Workshop Host one-on-one, ask questions or just use the Digital Workshop computers to practice what you’ve learned in class.

Digital Workshop Powered by Windows.

When you get home, visit to review and print downloadable PDFs of all the handouts you received in class. They’re sure to come in handy when you want to replicate the techniques you learned onboard.

The Digital Workshop powered by Windows classes are offered by Holland America Line to ensure your shipboard experience is as enriching as your shoreside one.

  • peter lassen

    I attended til “make movies with windows 10” session on Zuiderdam CPH to Iceland. Now I am trying to download moviemaker, but can’t find it. I remember that I should look for it outside Microsoft, but don’t remenber where.
    Can you help me?

    Best regards, Peter

  • Julie

    We’re looking into this for you, Peter!

  • Julie

    Peter, try this link:

  • Bill

    You spent a lot of money on a cruise. Don’t cheap out now with free software. This software is extremely limited in what it can do. Get real movie making software from Adobe or Cyberlink.

  • Douglas

    We sailed on the Volendam on the Alaska cruise from 16 to 23 May 2018, and attended the Windows 10 Digital Workshops. We were told by Scot that the handouts could be downloaded as PDF files from our homes from “ > Onboard > Enriching Activities > Digital Workshop”. Unfortunately, I cannot find this page on the Holland America website. Would you please send me the correct url or link?

  • Julie

    Hi Douglas, I just sent you a private email so we can get you the handouts you need. Check your inbox!

  • Kristen shepherd

    I attended Desiree’s excellent course on Windows 10 in the digital workshop and left all my notes in the room! We travelled to Alaska 1/9/18. Is it possible to send me the link please or pdf’s.
    Thankyou so much and apologies.


  • David Sheer

    Just returned from Eurodam to Hawaii, and attended some of the digital workshops. Trying to get the model number of the Lenovo all in one systems that were used. Can someone provide it please?

  • Julie

    Hi David, the machines that we use are Lenovo IdeaCentre F0BE0000US – you’ll likely see AIO listed with/in the name as well, referring to All-in-One. The model that we use in the Workshop uses an intel i5-6400 processor and 8GB ram.

  • Barbara Vanecek

    Attended Erica’s workshops on our Alaska trip on the Nieuw Amsterdam June 29-July 6, 2019. I can’t find the PDFs to download. Please help! Without the guides I am helpless and hope I did not waste my time on my cruise. She was great.
    Is the a link for them?

  • Julie

    Just sent you an email!

  • David Harrison

    I cannot download any workshop material for digital workshop. I was told I would find it on this site. Was my host misinformed? Is there site other than what I was told?

  • Julie

    Hi David, we do not have the digital workshop handouts here for download. If you email I can send you what you need.

  • Ray Whitley

    I was on the MS Noordam the week of August 4, 2019 to Alaska. In these classes we were told to go to the Holland America Web site to get the PDF for the call. If there are here I do not where to go. I was just luck to find there question to ask.

  • Julie

    Hi Ray, please reply and let me know which ones you need. I’ll send them to you.

  • Anne Andersen

    Looking for Microsoft studio handouts from Noordaam Vancouver to Australia October 13-November 11. Cannot seem to find.

  • Susan Schmidt

    I was on the Noordam to New Zealand recently, I attended courses but due to the very small print on your laptops I could not see enough to take part and I was told I could download the classes when I got home. So could you please send me the link to theses classes. Especially about using your pictures to make movies of your ship expereince.

  • Julie

    Hi Susan, be on the lookout for an email. We’ll send them your way.

  • Julie

    Hi Anne, I sent via Hightail since there are so many, so please check spam if you don’t see it.

  • Emmanuel Lat

    My wife and I were on Maasdam last Feb 17-March1 to Australia and New Zealand and attended the computer classes. We were told we could go to website and download further instructions. We could not find them. Thanks.

  • Julie

    I have sent you an email. I’d be happy to send you the handouts.

  • Bob Harris

    I went on a cruise on the KONINGSDAM a few weeks ago. I found that the training room was empty and was told that the contract with Microsoft was not renewed? That was the only reason I was taking the cruise on this cruise line. What a disappointment. Any plans to bring back the Digital Tech classes?

  • Julie

    Hi Bob, there are no plans to bring back computer classes at this time. We are sorry for your disappointment and hope you enjoyed your cruise otherwise.

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