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Art On Board: Nieuw Amsterdam’s Mural

Dutch artist and sculptor Harald Vlugt was commissioned to create the large mural found in the Explorer’s Lounge on all Holland America Line ships. Usually they depict a scene from Dutch history or portray a specific Dutch location. This one is a whimsical look at New York City and the Hudson River.

  • hans janssen

    Very nice.
    I hope I will be able to see it once, but than in real.

    Kind regards,


  • DBA

    Posted this on my blog the other day. Very cool video!

  • Carmelita Casambros Arevalo

    Hello to all reading tis msg. i am leaving this msg just to know my old friend name fred. But sad to say i am forget his fullname. i am only known him for his nickname fred. And his working in NIEUW AMSTERDAM YEAR 1986.. Please tell him that i want to know him just to know him better, HIs so kund to me that year… His so friendly & always writing at me by mail before…..
    Please give me an idea where is he… i am broke my promise to him that he want to sponsor if a am giving a child he is a godfather…Thats why i dont know him to contact for a year……. ^_^
    God Bless You Always……
    Thanks a lot.
    Lita C.

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