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Art On Board Nieuw Amsterdam

Art in the forward stairs Deck 3.

One of these ships will be placed in the corridor on Deck 2 towards the Casino and the other one in a niche on the mid-stairs, Deck 5.

The Hudson, Half Moon and Stuyvesant rooms have become the art storage. Those rooms are under special surveillance.

The Red Indians are still in the boxes.

Mary Moore is a blog contributor based at the yard.

  • yganti

    I am in love with the sculpture listed as “Art in the forward stairs Deck 3”
    Is there any information as to the title and artist?

  • Julie

    It is great, isn’t it?! We’re getting you the details, so hang tight!

  • Juliette

    The piece is a creation from a Peruvian artist, Marcelo Wong. The name of this sculpture is “Sitting Indians”. You can see more of his artwork at

  • yganti

    Thank you for finding this information, I can’t wait to view his other artwork.

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