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Westerdam’s Dry Dock at Freeport

Dry dock always gets a reaction from the crew. Depending on your department and position, it can be fun, exciting, enormous amounts of work or not so much. As the Cruise Consultants currently assigned to the Westerdam, we opted to stay on board during dry dock. While we could have gone home for the duration, we’ve rented our home in New Hampshire and now are living on the sea. And so our ship, the ms Westerdam, has brought us to Freeport in the Bahamas for 10 days.

We dropped our last guests off in Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday, April 4, at about 10 a.m. We did some provisioning of supplies needed for our work on board and picked up some of the outside contractors who actually perform the refresh and refurbishing work that will go on. We sailed shortly after 1 p.m. and were at our drydock berth in Freeport in just a few hours.

The dry dock at Freeport.

It’s an interesting place. There is a large container port opposite our yard. The Statendam is 2 berths away from us undergoing more extensive work. Work starts off a little gradual and picks up in intensity as the process goes on. One of the first things that we noticed is that plywood had been laid out on all of the outside decks and clear plastic with an adhesive on it has been laid over all of the rugs. That in itself is a huge undertaking.

A lot of painting has been going on, rugs are being replaced, furniture being renewed and reupholstered, sprinkler systems being checked, and a million other little jobs. The Lido area is getting a new Canaletto Restaurant up which is starting to take shape. It is an exciting time. So much work is going on at once, you see “shifts” of workers coming on day and night. Through it all, Westerdam is also acting as a hotel for many of the contractors on the Westerdam and the Statendam.

Our office.

The show lounge.

We hope that you enjoy the pictures. We’ve got another four days left and I’m sure that a lot more will be going on as we approach our next cruise which starts on Wednesday, April 14 in Ft. Lauderdale and will take us to Venice.

Mike and Denise Feeney are Westerdam’s future cruise consultants.

  • Bob Marchese

    Thank you for the pictures and the update. We will be sailing with you on April 14th. Glad to hear the Westerdam is getting the Canaletto restaurant, we really enjoyed it on the Oosterdam last May. We will be stopping by to see you for a future cruise. Any more pictures would certainly be appreciated.

    Thanks Bob Marchese

  • Pam Drane

    Looking forward to that April 14th Cruise. This will be our 5th trans-Atlantic cruise with H.A.L., 3rd on the Westerdam. A beautiful ship indeed.

  • Jaco Olierook

    We will be sailing on the 2nd of August around the United Kingdom.
    Boy are we looking forward to it. I love to see these kind of pictures and read the blogs.
    My compliments to the HAL!!

    Jaco Olierook

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