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Veendam Dry-Dock Update 2: April 1, 2009

On this April Fool’s Day the yard is not kidding around with the demolition of the back section of the ship, most of Deck 9 and Deck 11 is now removed. But a new section has also been added today: the aft-most part of Deck 9. This part is resting on supports that were installed just above the windows of the main dining room on Deck 8.

Tomorrow the ms Veendam will move into Dry-Dock No. 3. This will be a very delicate and precise operation, as she needs to be positioned exactly under the top section that is already hanging in the dock (See update No.1).

The old swimming pool will be offered on eBay tomorrow ….


The new section approaching.


New section is almost in place.


Welding to secure the new piece to the Veendam will continue 24/7.


The final cut of the last section of Deck 11 before it is lifted off the deck. In the background you can see the bow of the Noordam in Dry-Dock No. 2.


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