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Statendam Dry Dock: Day 2

Teresa Papp, Statendam’s event manager, submitted a second batch of photos from the ship’s dry dock at Freeport, Bahamas.

This area of the Explorer’s Lounge will be turned into the premium jewelry store, Merabella.

Statendam's crew working around the clock to get the ship in tip-top shape.

The only thing that remains of the escalators in the Atrium is a big hole.

The Van Gogh Lounge is chairless.

You would never be able to tell that this once was the area leading into the casino and the jewelry shop.

All of the seating in the show lounge will be replaced.

  • Alan Campbell

    Very glad to see this ship getting some major attention. What about the cabins? Are the old cracked bathroom ceramic tiles with all the ugly silicone sealer being stripped and renewed? And how about the pervasive sewer smells along the corridors? Hope that the refit includes purging and cleaning of the HVAC!
    Are you changing to azipods too, or staying with the propeller shafts?
    We really like Statendam’s size but having been “burned”, are reluctant to trust a booking again until wee see the full refit. More Photos Please! Thank you.

  • Carolyn

    Will there be more pictures? We are scheduled for a Cruisetour starting July 12th and are looking forward to the upgraded ship.

  • Doug Thompson

    I too am concerned about the cabins. Lots of photos of the public spaces, but no mention of the cabins. And almost every review I read of the ship from the past 5 years talks of the sewage smells. The smell of raw sewage on a ship is reprehensible, but I hear that it has been resolved through improved ventilation. We booked a May 16, 2010 cruise on the Statendam with the anticipation of these items being taken care of prior to a ship leaving dry dock. We certainly hope they have been resolved. Photos of cabin enhancements please! I know I will be taking some to post online in near future. Thank you.

  • David

    Any more pictures? Any room upgrades??

  • Julie

    We’re working on getting stateroom photos. But they have been upgraded and they received new furnishings, etc. Doug, yes, the sewage-smell problems were fixed during the dry dock last year in Vancouver. Please do send in photos from your cruise. We’d love to post them on the blog! Have a great time. Julie

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