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Ryndam Enters Dry Dock at Freeport

Here’s a picture of the beautiful Ryndam high and dry in Grand Bahamas dry-dock number 3 during her bi-annual maintenance period.

Andrew Barker, Safety Officer
ms Ryndam

Ryndam in dry dock.

Ryndam in dry dock at Freeport, Bahamas.

  • Luh McDevitt Madera

    What will you be doing while Ryndam is in dry dock? I am considering a cruise from Barcelona to Dover end of April beginning of May 2013.

  • Julia

    Yes, we’re also wondering what is being done to Ryndam in dry dock. We’ve booked a cruise in June, so we’re a bit curious!

  • Carol K

    We are booked for March, 2013 on the Ryndam.

  • Phyllis H

    What specifically was done to the Ryndam during it’s dry dock in Nov 2012?

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