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One Week to Go With Veendam’s Dry-Dock

Veendam is now entering her last week in dry-dock, and while a lot of work is still to be done, clear signs of progress are showing.

With the placement of the ducktail, we needed a new spot for the ship’s name and the homeport.

The tiling of the Retreat pool is in full swing.

The new Merabella shop is finished and only has to be stocked.

The new shops also are almost completed.

The sliding doors for the Lanai cabins are all installed (the red trimmings come off, it’s tape).

Damaged paint of the blue hull has been repaired and a primer applied; only a full coat of blue is to follow.

Final cuts are made in the steel of the bridge wings to properly fit the new window frames.

Steelwork on the ducktail continues…

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  • casavaha

    Do the sliding outside doors also have an electronic key lock?

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