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Nieuw Amsterdam in Dry Dock

Here are a few pictures of Nieuw Amsterdam in dry dock in Marghera. Between the two phases of the sea trials the ship enters dry dock for a complete paint of the ships hull.

Robert Matthew is Nieuw Amsterdam’s 3rd engineer

  • Suzanne

    Nice fisheye shots..

  • SourdoughSteve

    Magnificent photos! Thanks. But Nassau registry? That’s kind of alarming.

  • Julie

    Not to worry. While the ships are in the yard they belong to the yard, and the yard registers them in Nassau. Once HAL takes delivery of Nieuw Amsterdam, it will be registered in Rotterdam.

  • Carlo

    magnifica…è beautiful photo

  • SourdoughSteve

    Whew! Thanks! It just wouldn’t look right NOT to see the enormous Dutch flag flying on the stern when the ships are in port. Tradition!!

  • Almuth

    Beautiful photos !!! Amazing to see a truly clean dry-dock. I assume that has to do with facilitating a superbly perfect paint job (:>) !

  • Ben

    Very impressive pictures. Dry dock pictures are always interesting. Question how long will it take to paint the hull?

    Greetings from the home port Rotterdam,

  • Helen

    I can’t wait to board “Nieuw Amsterdam” in Venice
    on 14 July, 2010!

  • Hendrikus (Dick) den Brinker

    Fantastic. Hope it will be registered in Rotterdam. Look forward to the Mediterranean cruise I booked in 2011.

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