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More Veendam Dry-Dock Photos

We received some great photos of the Veendam dry-dock from Philip Hilgersom, interior superintendent for Holland America Line, along with this report:

These are from today (April2), exciting to be under the new section now. Very smooth move from the pier to Dry-Dock No. 3. Ship is now in position under the new section that eventually will be lowered onto the vessel.

This is some dry-dock!!!

New wall in the forward mess room. On the other side will be the new Officers Mess room.

New section placed on board 3/31 on Verandah Deck, where new balcony cabins will be installed.

Ship being gently and ever so slowly positioned under the new section, which shows the wet units and ducting, etc., already in place.

One of the pillars between which the new section is to be positioned.

< p class="caption">veendam-soe2-refit-6-029
One of the wet units in place in the Atrium Lower Promenade Deck 6, in lieu of the former offices, one of the new lanai cabins.

The openings for the Lanai cabin doors on Port Side Lower Promenade deck.

  • Maasdam

    Thank you Erik fore answering my questions.
    It’s much appreciated.

    Greetings from the Home Port Rotterdam.
    Ben van Zeijl.

  • Joserus

    What is a lanai cabin? Is this a cabin for the Golden Girls?

  • Julie

    The Lanai cabins are on the promenade and will allow guests direct access to the Lower Promenade Deck with a sliding glass door.

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