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More Photos from Veendam’s Dry-Dock

On Friday morning the dry-dock was finally pumped dry, so straight away we went in to inspect the ship.

Veendam sitting on the docking blocks.

On the left side of the photo you see one of the pieces of the ducktail that will be welded against the hull.

Even when in the dry-dock the ship still generates it’s own power. Cooling water for the engines comes from the dry-dock and is pumped on board via large hoses. Once the water has passed through the system, it is released to the outside again.

To not have interference from the cooling water with the outside maintenance of the ship, the yard personnel installs steel connections onto the hull, and hoses will be connected to this.

A view from underneath the Veendam. Normally it is very dark under here at night, but with a long exposure time and the use of flashlights we were able to create this picture. In the background is a waterfall coming out of the side of the ship.

Cleaning of the underwatership and the propellers starts almost immediately after the dock floor is accessible.

Jochem Bakker is the chief officer aboard Veendam.

  • shipcafe

    So incredibly fascinating! Wow.

  • jaydee0730

    Thank you for giving me a glimpse of Veendam’s Dry Dock. In the normal course of things I would never see the underside of the ship, or appreciate the work, care and expense that is required for maintenance of this ship.

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