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More Info On Veendam’s SOE2 Upgrades

Longtime reader Ben van Zeijl of Rotterdam sent in a couple of questions regarding Veendam’s Signature of Excellence Phase 2 upgrades. I tracked down the answers and in the process came across a photo of the stern being refit in dry-dock.

Ben’s comment:
Hello, I have some questions about this rebuilding program.

Question 1: I try to visualize the final appearance of the Veendam after this refit.Is it right that the stern appearance looks similar to that of the Amsterdam Volendam and Zaandam stern.

It will look more like a mix of Amsterdam and the back of a Vista ship, squared off more (see photo below). The S-class ships are 720 feet in length. The Volendam, Amsterdam and Zaandam are 780. That’s where the additional cabins come in.


Question 2: If the answer on 1 is yes, will the Rotterdam also receive a ducktail, she’s have the exact dimensions as here sister Amsterdam only lacking the extra stern balconies.

Rotterdam will look similar to Veendam above, with addition of 32 staterooms on the aft of all ships. It’s currently 780 feet long, but has the four penthouses and more suites, so the extra room is used by fewer larger cabins.

Question 3: Will every cabin on board receive a new decor, or only the cabins concerned in this refit.

As part of this next phase of Signature of Excellence, all staterooms and their bathrooms will be enhanced. All staterooms will receive new soft goods including carpet, and desks and vanities will be resurfaced. Decorative wall sconces, drapery and accent pillows will add a touch of modern elegance to the new décor.

Outside and inside staterooms will be redecorated in rich earth hues complemented by accents of sienna and gold. New soft goods include a rich, olive-colored sofa with decorative pillows, chairs reupholstered in gold chenille, and a bed runner with a design inspired by nature.

Suites will have a contemporary color scheme with a traditional twist. A rich, dark carpet and chocolate-colored leather sofa contrast with light golden tones of soft goods and maple casework. Accent colors of reddish-orange punctuate sofa pillows, chairs and the bed runner. Sheer cream-colored draperies are light and airy with imprints of gold leaves.

Erik Elvejord is director of public relations for Holland America Line.

  • InTheWASide

    Hi Erik,

    A couple more questions if you could answer…

    As these upgrades are happening to the S Class and Rotterdam, recent changes have occurred to the 3 older Vista Class, prinsendam was heavily re-done in December 2007, Noordam just got Canaletto and some refreshing and Eurodam/Nieuw Amsterdam are brand new/under contruction respectively…

    What are the plans with regard to Amsterdam, Volendam and Zaandam? Will they continue to be configured as is, will they receive the same Retreat and Mix concept that Rotterdam and their smaller sisters have received? It almost appears that there will be a “void” (for lack of a better word) that these 3 ships will fall into.

    Would love to know what the longer term picture is for these 3 ships.

    As always, love the blog!

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