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Marco’s Moments: Evening Lights in Freeport

Nieuw Amsterdam is currently in drydock in Freeport, Bahamas. This is the first drydock for the Nieuw Amsterdam since she came out. So far we are making very good progress with the works.

We will come out as a sparkly new ship again. Last night I went out with my camera to take some gorgeous evening images of the ship. I hope everybody enjoys them.

If you want to see more of my images, please go to





Marco van Belleghem is Nieuw Amsterdam’s hotel director.

  • Howard

    You’re a talented photographer! Thank you for sharing, these are looks we don’t often get to see. I look forward to meeting you on the Nieuw Amsterdam in January!

  • Gwen R

    Glad to see the ship in dry dock. I’m booked for the December 8th cruise. Was on the ship in 2010 and realy enjoyed it and am looking forward to going back

  • Denise

    Counting the days!!! 24 days Barcelona to Venice!!!! Will become a 4 star on this cruise!

  • Rita

    My husband and I will be sailing on Nov 3 2013, to celebrate our 35 Wedding Anniversary on the Nieuw Amsterdam.
    Love the pictures

  • GeFe

    Dear Marco

    it’s always amazing to see how little is the submerged part of a cruise vessel of that size.

    I was on this beautiful ship for here very first 22 days – and still be proud about.


  • Julie

    Congratulations on this wonderful milestone! We look forward to having you on board to celebrate becoming a 4 Star Mariner! Julie, HAB Editor

  • Julie

    Congratulations to you and your husband! It’s a great way to celebrate your special day! See you on board in the winter for some fun and sun! Julie, HAB editor

  • Colleen

    Thank you, Marco, for the wonderful photos. Looking forward to seeing you, if you are still onboard, for the July Venice to Barcelona 24-day cruise. Have always enjoyed your talented photos!

  • Victor Nardone

    Dear HAB editor, We are sailing on the Nieuw Amsterdam out of Venice on July 2nd to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary with our daughter and grandchildren in two balcony cabins. With the “problems” in Istanbul, will you still dock there for 24 hours? If not, which alternate port will you go to as a substitute. Best regards, Victor Nardone

  • Julie

    Hi, Victor. Let me pass this along to HAL reservations, as they are monitoring the situation. Happy cruising and Happy Anniversary! Julie, HAB editor

  • Cathy

    Great pictures Marco! Nieuw Amsterdam is a beautiful ship! Would love to sail on her again after dry dock. We just sailed on her from Venice to FL and she was great!! I could do that (or any cruise again) if funds allowed, but probably not the PH.

  • Paul

    These pictures are 2013. Where is Nieuw Amsterdam now ( April 3, 2015)? In drydock again? I am unable to locate here on various sites including http://www.seascanner.
    I do hope she will be found again because I am due to sail in her April 8 transatlantic to Barcelona.

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