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Maasdam Arrives at Dry Dock in Freeport, Bahamas

On April 8, the Maasdam arrived in Fort Lauderdale, the guests disembarked and the ship later made its way to Freeport to begin the Signature of Excellence refit and dry-dock. Unfortunately a lot had to be broken down before the rebuilding could begin. We left Ft. Lauderdale just after noon with 750 contract workers on board who started to demolish the various areas. We also had many containers and garbage skips loaded on the various decks. We arrived in Freeport at 7 p.m. Luckily our sister ship, the Eurodam, was in dry-dock as well and they accommodated many of the crew who had to vacate their cabins. It is sometimes frightening to see how certain areas get demolished in record time. Here’s a list of some of the major repairs that Maasdam will undergo:

*Shops/ casino and Mix – where we have now the piano and casino bar and shops.
*All staterooms will get new bathrooms and new carpets and soft goods
*29 Lanai staterooms to be built on Lower promenade deck
*Club HAL area will be redesigned
*Rembrandt Lounge will be rebuilt to show room at sea
*Removal of the escalators to nowhere and the addition of 2 staterooms in this area.
*Refurbishments of all crew cabins

Maasdam at Freeport, Bahamas.

Preparation for containers.


The center atrium was protected for demolition.

Containers on deck.

April 9: In the morning almost 1,000 contractors and yard personnel boarded and because of excellent preparation by our security, front office staff and the Seattle dry dock team, we were able to board them without any major challenges. Even in dry-dock we must adhere to all security standards. In the evening we entered our dry-dock. We did encounter some delays, but when we woke up the next morning we were safely sitting on the blocks and the water was being drained. It was a very hard night for the Captain as he was up all night with his officers making sure that the entering of the dock was conducted safely and without mishaps. Inside of the ship there is not much left of the casino and piano bar. Also the shops are almost gone and there is a big hole left where it all was.


The casino bar being demolished.

This was the shops and casino and it's not a pile of rubble.

April 10: When we woke up the last of the water was drained from the dock. On the lower promenade deck the steel is being cut so we can fit the sliding doors for the Lanai staterooms and the preparation for new floors, wall painting and further refurbishment continues. In the show lounge they worked 24 hours a day to remove all of the old stage rigging.

The new Lanai staterooms in progress.

New floors being prepared in the crew areas.

The show lounge.

Cees Tesselaar is Maasdam’s hotel manager.

  • B squared

    What happens to all of the items pulled out of the ship ? Is there recycling for what comes out ?

  • DBA

    Loving everything being done! Been following a couple other sources of photos and everything is looking great!

    Question: Is it possible to get a close up of the pattern above the stage in the showroom? What are the designs on the white parts? I never noticed them before the other day, and I can’t find a close up image that shows what it is.

    Appreciate if a photo can be managed… Maasdam is one of only 3 ships I have never seen in the HAL fleet.

    Best to all for a successful drydock! Just a few more days to go!


  • Hans Janssen

    Best wel heftig. Succes and good luck with the renovations. Sunday I come to admire the result.
    Tot zondag.

    Kind regards,
    Hans Janssen.

  • Joan Hopke

    So sorry to hear that the lanai cabins are being added to the Maasdam. While on the Veendam, the lounge chairs were reserved for the lanai cabin guests and no one was using them. What a waste!

  • Mike

    Looks like so much fun!! Can wait to see the finished product.

  • Modern_Viking

    DBA: The Maasdam show lounge was previously decorated with what looked like Deft tiles (blue on white) that were similar in style to the ones given as gifts to HAL mariners on repeat voyages. The actual designs on them were different than what I remember seeing on the gift tiles, but they were a great tie in to the Dutchness (if I can say that) of the ship and the repeat passenger gifts.

    I would be interesting in knowing if those tiles will remain in the Maasdam showroom (if not around the stage, then in the entrance areas where they also had been located).

  • ina van nimwegen

    hoi, hoi , dat ziet er allemaal heftig uit, there is a lot of work to do,
    gr. ton en ina

  • Peter Ryan

    Hi can you please tell me the cabin numbers of the new Lania staterooms. Cheers

  • Julie

    Hi Peter, there are 29 Lanai staterooms on the Lower Promenade Deck: 332-339, 314, 343, 344, 346, 348-351, 353, 355, 356, 358, 360, 361, 367-372, 374

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