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How do the Supplies Get On Board?

Have you ever wondered how all of the supplies on ships such as pillows, mattresses, cutlery, TV sets, desks, tables, books, glasses and plates get on board the ship before any guests or crew members can use or enjoy them? Well, the trick is to get all these products loaded onto the ship by a hardworking crew.

Our loading team, which includes a mixture of culinary and housekeeping staff, works extremely hard to make certain that all of our major stock-up supplies and heaviest loading of the ship occurs before the maiden voyage. During this time, the warehouse is one big buzz of activity with tons of boxes, pallets and large volumes of wrapped deliveries in all shapes and sizes imaginable.

Nieuw Amsterdam's loading team.

As soon as the warehouse receives the shipments, the loading team headed by Culinary Operations Manager Mike van Bokhoven ensures that they are loaded onto the ship.

The crane driver of the yard helps deliver the containers, and once opened the team physically carries these items, box by box and sometimes one piece at a time, to select storerooms and delivery locations. To date, our crew has loaded 85 containers and we still have an additional 86 waiting to be loaded on Nieuw Amsterdam. Loading will commence as soon as the ship returns to the yard from another sea trial.

Controller Sofie Baar van Aalten.

Provision Master Roland Borsje.

Assistant Culinary Manager Wessel Oorschot, left, and Culinary Operations Manager Mike van Bokhoven.

Annabel Sualog is Nieuw Amsterdam’s guest relations manager.

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  • Ben

    Yeah Roland finally made it to the HALblog. Roland greetings from Rotterdam and Capelle aan den IJssel.

    Ben & Roger.

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