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Kayaking in Sitka, Alaska

Kayaking in Sitka, Alaska

Zaandam called at Sitka, Alaska yesterday. This year is an anomaly economically and weather-wise. It is July in Alaska and the weather we had in May was both brighter and warmer. I am guessing mid to high 50’s today with gray skies and drizzle. The touring goes on regardless of weather and we are in…   read more of “Kayaking in Sitka,…”

Holland America Takes Ship to Shelter Program to San Diego

A new program to help those in need kicked off along the Embarcadero on March 6, 2009. The Port of San Diego is participating with Holland America Line’s Ship to Shelter program, a philanthropic endeavor which donates items from cruise ships to homeless shelters. Items include pots, pans, plates, books, televisions, individual-sized lotion and shampoo….   read more of “Holland America…”