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Postcards from Semarang

Postcards from Semarang

A few days ago the ms Volendam called at Semarang, Indonesia. As I’ve never been to Indonesia before this Asian cruise, I wanted to see as much as I could — trying to “soak up their culture” in the few days that we visited the home of so many of our beloved crew members. My…   read more of “Postcards from…”

Samoans Thank Volendam for Apia Hospitality

After hosting local children from Apia, Captain Bos received this letter: On behalf of our students and teachers of Peace Chapel Christian School you allowed to visit your magnificent ship ‘Volendam’ while in Apia, Samoa, recently, I want to thank you (and the crew) for the incredible time we had. None of us had ever…   read more of “Samoans Thank…”