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Video: Ancient Discoveries Cruise Highlights

Noel Bell, HAL guest and frequent blog contributor, sailed aboard Rotterdam from Piraeus, Greece, to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Here is a special highlights video he created from his Ancient Discoveries voyage. Enjoy! Here is the video from my Rotterdam 12-day Ancient Discoveries cruise visiting Athens, Piraeus, Rhodes and Gythios in Greece, The Pyramids of Egypt,…   read more of “Video: Ancient…”

Video: Rotterdam Cruise Highlights

Special thanks to Noel Bell, a HAL guest and frequent blog contributor, for sharing these videos taken while cruising on Rotterdam’s 12-day Ancient Discoveries cruise in October 2011 and Rotterdam’s Spanish Charms 15-day voyage in November 2011. As promised, here are the completed video highlights of the recent 27 day cruise featuring the back-to-back Ancient…   read more of “Video: Rotterdam…”