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‘Zippidydam’ Wins Zuiderdam’s ‘Floaters’ Competition

Mariner Lynn Hardey sent us this note and photo of her most recent creation, “Zippidydam,” that she built while cruising on Zuiderdam. We featured her previous creation — “Halraiserdam” — on the blog back in November.


The “Zippidydam” won the Whatever Floats Your Boat contest and floated beautifully, as usual. There were four boats and they all did really well. My ship barely fit in the spa. It was 5 feet long.

After the contest, DJ Mark wanted me to take it to the library to show off for future cruisers. I left the “Pancandam” on that ship last year and it’s gone, so I opted to take it back to the shipyard and dismantle it. It is now in a garbage bin somewhere in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The weirdest thing I used to build this ship is carrots and plastic spoons. Those two combined formed the tenders. I used tons of toothpicks, swizzle sticks, dental floss, thumb tacks, Coke cartons, the cards they put on your bed at night, the top of a Christmas ornament and a few other things I can’t really remember at the moment.

I have gotten so good at constructing these things, the “Zippidydam” was done in four days, about six hours total time.

Lynn Hardey

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