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What a Year for Zaandam!

Happy New Year Everyone! Now that 2013 has arrived, here is a look back on the year of 2012.

In 2012, Zaandam traveled 95,774 nautical miles, that’s 101,140 statute miles and 117,373 km in 367 days, yes 367 days because 2012 was a leap year. Zaandam also had two April 28ths when we crossed the International Date Line! Our voyages in 2012 took us across the Equator and the International Date Line. That’s almost 4.5 times around the world at the equator!

Zaandam also visited 14 different countries last year: Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

Position at midnight 2011/2012: 11°12.6’S 131°42.1’E
Position at midnight 2012/2013: 21°38.1’N 107°38.5’W

The difference between this year and last is 7471.4 nautical miles as the crow flies. That’s 8,598 statute miles and 13,387 km. Totally in the opposite side of the world!

Joshua Matthews
2/O Navigation
ms Zaandam

ship on port copy copy

  • Joan Hopke

    What interesting facts! What would be even more interesting would be to see a chart of all the ships with the above information for each. What a comparison that would be!

  • Patricia B

    Thanks for this information. We were happy to be part of the Zaandam’s advenutres for 16 days last year!

  • Robert Flint

    We were onboard the Zaandam for the October, 2012 Vancouver/Mexico/Vancouver cruise. We enjoyed the Zaandam so much, we’re booked for the September, 2013 Panama Canal Vancouver/Fort Lauderdale cruise

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