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Westerdam Medical Team Meets Trinity Air Ambulance Team

Linda Potter, RN, Medical Officer and Jennifer Christie, RN, Lead Medical Officer on board Westerdam sent in these photos and submission of a recent meeting of the Westerdam Medical Team and Trinity Air Ambulance Team.

The beginning of 2009 for the ms Westerdam Medical Department has been an unforgettable experience with an unexpected friendships made. During a month and a half the Westerdam has medically air evacuated six critical patients all with the outstanding services of Trinity Air Ambulance.

Trinity Air Ambulance, based in the Fort Lauderdale area, has been available to provide assistance 24 hours no matter where the ship was, even the difficult to access port of Halfmoon Cay with the assistance of a float plane and a small boat. During multiple air evacuations, they’ve gone out of their way to keep the ship updated on their arrival time to the ports and also provided updates on guests once they have arrived at the receiving hospitals. They even e-mail flight maps with updates to give a visual of the Lear Jet’s progress.

The ship’s medical team have become familiar with the helpful voice of Inger Lisa Skroder, MN, ARNP during numerous phone calls, so it was time to put a face to the name. On Feb 1, 2009 Inger Lisa Skroder MN, ARNP and Tor Skroder RN, Founders of Trinity Air Ambulance came to visit the elegant ms Westerdam on a non–emergency nature. They accompanied the medical staff as they proudly showed off the Ship’s Medical Center, had a delicious lunch in the Vista Dining Room and took a tour of the ms Westerdam, including a guided tour of the Bridge .

During the visit Inger Lisa and Tor brought gifts for the ship’s medical team, including a handy little back pack, pens with lanyards, computer mouse pads, karabiners and most useful liquid activated flashing shot glasses that have “not all shots hurt” inscribed on them.

Then on Feb 15, 2009 two members of the Westerdam medical team had the privilege of visiting Trinity Air Ambulance base. They were given a tour of the facility and hanger where the Lear Jets are kept. The HAL medical officers were given a private tour of the Lear Jet 35A itself.

The visits between the Westerdam and Trinity Air Ambulance have given opportunities to get better acquainted with each other’s medical capabilities, and services available.

Trinity Air Ambulance provides the same high quality of care HAL guests expect from the HAL medical department. With the assistance and quick response of Trinity Air Ambulance we have nothing but exceptional care provided.

Jennifer Christie RN Lead Medical Officer and Linda Potter RN Medical Officer try their hand in the cockpit of the Trinity Air Ambulance Lear Jet 35A.

Left to Right: Mary Stephens RN Medical Officer, Dr. James Balarbar Ship’s Physician, Tor Skroder RN Trinity Air Ambulance, Inger Lisa Skroder MN ARNP Trinity Air Ambulance, Linda Potter, RN Medical Officer & Jennifer Christie, RN Lead Medical Officer, enjoy a guided tour of the bridge.

we_trinity_4 Left to Right: Dr. Uly Montero Crew Medical Officer, Linda Potter, Jennifer Christie and Mary Stephens, RN Medical Officer, show off their gifts from Trinity Air.

Left to Right: Tor Skroder RN Trinity Air Ambulance, Linda Potter and Jennifer Christie inside Trinity Air Ambulance.

Linda Potter and Jennifer Christie with the Trinity Air Ambulance Lear Jet 35A.

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