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Video: A Tribute to Our Guests from Westerdam

Westerdam’s Hotel Director Colin Jacob put together this tribute to our guests with the assistance of Cast Member Volodymyr Leshchenko and Production Manager Bennie Robinson. The words are by Colin, who enjoys writing poetry.

Thank you to Westerdam for capturing the emotional connection our crew has with our guests. We’re looking to the voyage ahead, and we can’t wait to welcome you back on board.

  • Patricia B

    This is a lovely, elegant video which speaks volumes. With all the extra work and upheaval Mr Jacob must have during this pause in cruising, he has taken the time to remember his guests. We appreciate this wonderful effort. We, too, can’t wait to return to cruising on HAL.

  • Lorraine Fisher

    That video is absolutely beautiful, we will come back and make more lovely memories ‘with you’
    Thank you for waiting for us


  • Richard Kroeger

    A great video from great people working for a great company. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and talents. We were disappointed that we had our Alaska cruise cancelled on the Westerdam this August. So SA and Antarctica here we come! We are looking forward to our sailing on the Westerdam in December. Stay safe through this pandemic

  • Lisa

    Your video captures the true essence of a cruise with Holland America..Well Done!

  • Father Rob Waller

    Colin, Volodymyr and Bennie – Since disembarking the Westerdam in Cambodia on February 15, having been your “priest on board” for four weeks, I have longed to be back with you and the crew that remains. When you pass my cabin, N010 on Navigation deck, tap on the door and whisper a prayer for me. I look forward to the day when I can sleep in that cabin again, and open that door from the inside. I am ready to fill the “emptiness of that space,” and to sail with you again. – Father Rob Waller

  • Alan Barlow

    We miss you…
    We appreciate you…
    We have treasured memories of you….
    We remember the smiles from you…
    We will never forget the tireless service from you….
    We can’t wait to return to you….
    We thank you…..
    We will be back to see you.

  • Yvonne Edinger

    Hotel Director Colin Jacob we want to thank you for outstanding video. We sailed with you on Sept 17 2017 & Nov 23 2019 and look forward to sailing with you and Captain Rowden again very soon. Thank you John & Yvonne Edinger

  • 'Sir' Gordon

    Thank you Colin. Very nicely put.


  • Cathleen Godfrey

    Always expect the best when I sail with HAL. Love the ships, love the food, love the itinerary, love the EXEC talks and the choice of music styles. All that does not hold a candle to the crew. I love all these things but it is the PEOPLE that bring me back. I get to be “grandma” to some wonderful people (started on my 1st cruise with a young man a long way from home). Until the next trip, thanks for waiting. May your sails be full and your journeys be safe.

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