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Ship Facts

The Netherlands
Passenger Capacity:
Crew Members:
Gross Tonnage:
82,348 grt
936 feet
Maximum Speed:
24 knots
April 2004
Actress Renée Soutendijk

Latest Post

Last Episode of ‘Herrie aan de Horizon’ Aired Last Night

Yesterday, Tuesday, the last episode of Dutch TV Show “Herrie aan de Horizon” was aired. Only two couples were left, running for the title “Best hobby cooking couple.” Captain Henk Keijer welcomed the couples Mirjam & Arlette and Danielle & Annabel on board ms Westerdam again.

Recent Posts

‘Herrie aan de Horizon’ Nearing the Climax

Dutch TV show “Herrie aan de Horizon” is close to the final show. After episode 7, aired yesterday evening, only two couples are in competition, running for the title “Beste hobbykok-duo van Nederland.”

Episode 4 of ‘Herrie aan de Horizon’ Aired Tuesday

Here’s the link to episode 4 (Tuesday, June 9) of Dutch TV show “Herrie aan de Horizon”: The reality cooking program was taped aboard Westerdam. The show was watched by 967,000 people. Alexander Bakker is a public relations practitioner in Rotterdam.

Holland America on Dutch TV: Part 2

The second episode of season two of “Herrie aan de Horizon” aired on Dutch television. As we mentioned before, it’s a reality program starring Chef Herman den Blijker, and parts of it were shot aboard Westerdam. Be sure to take a look even if you don’t understand Dutch. It’s fun to watch and it’s in…   read more of “Holland America on…”