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About a Boy

I had a fun experience last cruise that I’d like to share – it’s not a fantastic port in the world nor a site we visited. It’s…ABOUT A BOY.

As future cruise consultant sailing a western Caribbean itinerary on board the Westerdam during spring break season, I met 10-year-old Josh who stopped by my desk and asked if he could get some information regarding some future cruises. I invited him to have a seat and he inquired about some holiday sailings in the Caribbean. He knew the ships and itineraries as well or better than most of the people I talk to. He wanted his family to sail on one of our Vista-class ships or the new Eurodam. I asked for his family name and stateroom number so I could look up mariner and agent information. He looked a little concerned and said “my dad said I’m not supposed to sign anything.” I wondered if this statement was made because of a past experience they had had. I assured him I was just getting prices for him at that time.

The next day he stopped by again, inquiring about a different sailing. He mentioned he had seen a letter that was sent to their suite that I would be working some hours in the Neptune Lounge the next day. I joked that he was his parent’s businessman – booking their cruises, reading their mail and joking said he should come in the lounge for coffee. He showed up in the Neptune Lounge the next morning and he actually drank cappuccino! He continued to stop by each day, usually just to chat. He was very intelligent and we had several conversations. I began to wonder if he had aspirations to be a future cruise consultant some day.

Finally on the last day of the cruise, he showed up with his mother and together they booked a nice holiday sailing with us in a suite (he did try to talk her into the penthouse but it was already taken). I was so impressed with his knowledge and curiosity, I asked if it was okay to take his photo and perhaps submit it to our blog. He got really excited and said he would like that as he is a “tech guru” in addition to having a fascination with the cruise industry.

So in hindsight, maybe it’s not my position he’ll aspire to – watch out Stein!


Char is the future cruise consultant aboard Westerdam.

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  • shipcafe

    I love it! It reminds me a bit of myself at that age!

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