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Congrats to the Volendam Team for Their Weather Observation Award

Congratulations to the Bridge Team on Volendam. The ship recently was named Weather Cruise Ship of the Year by NOAA/VOS for 2010’s contributions to weather observations. The ship made an astounding 6,190 observations, besting all other participating vessels.

We did a post last year from Captain Bos with a good explanation of the program. In a nutshell, the ship deployed weather buoys for the New Zealand Meteorological Service. The buoys are a combined meteorological and oceanographic buoy, which measures and transmits air pressure and sea temperature data. Ocean current data is derived from the buoy’s drift and data is transmitted ashore every 90 seconds. The signal is picked up by the Argos package carried on the NOAA polar orbiting satellites.

Way to go Volendam!

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  • John Smit

    Only 4 observations are necessary per day…. On synoptical hours otherwise their useless.

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